Groundbreaking on a New School In Sunset Park (District 20)

District 20 Superintendent (Photo by Sylwia Jasinski, District 20 Family Support Coordinator

SUNSET PARK — Monday morning, August 28,  ground was officially broken on P.S./I.S. 746K, a new school that will be home to both, an elementary school as well as a middle school focused on arts.

The new school will be located at 278 59th Street, on the corner of Third Avenue, currently an empty lot zoned for light manufacturing, that sits just off the Gowanus Expressway, and two blocks from the Brooklyn Army Terminal.

P.S./I.S. 746K Final Rendering (School Construction Authority)

With room for 676 students, P.S./I.S. 746K will help ease overcrowding in District 20 schools. District 20 which covers all of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and the Fort Hamilton Army base, as well as parts of Bensonhurst, Kensington, Borough Park and Sunset Park.

The five-story school will feature offices and classrooms throughout all five floors, a cafeteria in the basement, and a library, auditorium, and a gym on the ground floor. A second library will be located on the fifth floor, and there will be a playground by the school.

Groundbreaking of PS746 in Sunset Park (Photo by Sylwia Jasinski, District 20 Family Support Coordinator)

District 20 Superintendent Karina Costantino opened the ceremony, thanking those involved in making the School happen.

Council member Carlos Menchaca (D-District 38) said that after many years of stalled school construction Sunset Park now has 5 new school sites under development, with PS746 being the the largest.

“About a quarter of all the new schools being built in New York City are in Sunset Park”, he noted. In addition to this site, there is a new elementary school for 400 students coming to 36th Street & 5th Avenue, 43rd Street and 4th Avenue, and 46th Street and 8th Avenue, and in a conversion of the old Saint Agatha’s site.

While funding for the new schools has been allocated for years, it was the site selection that caused delays, resulting in three of the five sites requiring use of eminent domain, Council member Menchaca said. “Over the last 2 years, we’ve organized site tours, held hearings, (And protests) worked within our Community Boards, and raised awareness about our needs.”

“I thank the School Construction Authority, Commissioner Grillo, our local SCA representatives Fred Maley, Melanie LaRocca, and Tamar Smith for their work with our community. I thank our District Superintendents, Community Education Councils, parents and students.

And I thank our local advocates, especially Make Space for Quality Schools, Voces Ciudadanas, and Friends of Sunset Park, along with all the families who’ve kept the faith and contributed to making Sunset Park schools so good.”

Assistant Speaker Felix W. Ortiz (D-Kings) also thanked the leaders of District 20, its Task Force and Community Board 7 for their assistance and guidance in making this new school a reality.  “Sunset Park needs a new school and I am proud to have secured state funds to make this building a reality,” said Ortiz. “Our children must always come first. Nothing compares to a good quality education.”

The school, P.S. / I.S. 746K is expected to open in the Fall of 2020.

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  1. Let us not forget PS371 at 36th Street & 4th Avenue which could readily be adapted for a local school which it was at one time. This failure to take on the Dept of Education necessitated the new PS 24 at 37th Street & 4th Avenue and the need for a new school at 36th Street & 5th Avenue. But to do that you need to have balls.

  2. I think I’m all for schools but is this the best area? 3rd avenue is not a safe street to cross. Maybe I’m wrong, but this just seems like a bad place. Unless we’re going to get some serious speeding laws all along 3rd avenue. But then again 4th Avenue is no better for speeding, though it has gotten a lot better over the years.

  3. They will need lights that stop traffic in all directions at that location. Third Avenue has all of the truck traffic and they will be making turns there to go to the old Army Terminal where the manufacturers are. And, semis are so high up, they can’t see when a person is crossing in front of them let alone an elementary school child, how often we hear of people killed by trucka and buses making turns on a street where the pedestrian has the walk light

  4. They already have a tremendous amount of brand new traffic lights installed on 3rd..not to worry..and this area has made incredible changes and progress in terms of safety anx becoming one of the new hot family neighborhoods to live

  5. I agree with all the comments, this area is the worse when it comes to traffic. Where will the school buses drop off the kids during morning arrivals and dismissal? Great that we have a new schools, but I don’t think the safety of the kids was really thought about.

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