Grimm Led Candlelight Vigil For Boston Marathon Victims At Caesar’s Bay

Congressman Michael Grimm

The bombing at the Boston Marathon last Monday marked a particularly rough week for the nation. For New Yorkers, the endless stream of videos and photographs from the terrorist attack brought back all too familiar memories. People from New York felt deeply for Boston residents and, as such. and Congressman Michael Grimm took it upon himself to lead a candlelight vigil last night at Caesar’s Bay to honor the victims and express New York’s solidarity with the people of Boston.

According to CBS New York, those gathered held signs that read “Boston and Brooklyn United We Stand” and “Boston Strong,” powerful displays of unity that transcended the natural rivalry shared between the two cities.

“People come together when you have to, regardless,” CBS reported one attendee saying. Grimm also underscored the symbolic importance of the gathering.

“We want them to know that New York stands with them, and that as days go by, we will not forget,” CBS reported Grimm saying. “There’s one flag today, the American flag.”