Greenmarket Fish Vendor’s Missing Cat Found Living At The Library

Greenmarket Fish Vendor’s Missing Cat Found Living At The Library
Rosie the cat via Blue Moon Fish

Way back in May 2013, Grand Army Greenmarket vendors Blue Moon Fish sent out word that their cat Rosie had escaped from their truck at the market, and was nowhere to be found. Now, nearly eight months later, she has turned up — and just across the street from where she’d disappeared!

Turns out she’s been living in the basement of the Central Library, and Blue Moon Fish reports that custodians, librarians, and security guards managed to catch her earlier this week. The cat was taken to the vet, where they scanned her and found her microchip, and then got in touch with owner Stephanie Villani, who tells WNYC her family was on vacation in Florida at the time, and her daughter was ready to drive right home to be reunited with Rosie.

So far, the news on their Facebook page has garnered dozens of comments, which Stephanie says is a bit surprising, but she understands the appeal of a story with a happy ending.

“So many people helped us, it was really very nice to see,” she told WNYC. “I understand that the folks at the library and the animal hospital were all ecstatic when they heard that Rosie was going home to her family.”

Photo via Blue Moon Fish


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