Greenfield Wants City To Clear Snowed-In Walkways Quicker

City Councilman David Greenfield is putting forward legislation designed to help alleviate the treacherous commute seniors face after snowstorms, according to a report by Metro.

Greenfield has received numerous complaints from seniors who lament the state of pedestrian walkways that go un-shoveled after snowstorms and blizzards, limiting their ability to get around town.

“I hear from seniors that they can’t walk by or if they walk, they fall,” Greenfield told Metro. “These pedestrian paths at train stations have become a blind spot for the Department of Sanitation.”

Greenfield’s plan calls for the DOS to include pedestrian bridges and walkways in their annual plan for clearing the city. Currently, there is bureaucratic confusion as to who is responsible for clearing pedestrian pathways since most of them are near subway stations.

“You get the blame game,” Greenfield said. “Every agency blames a different agency.”

The councilman hopes that by forcing the DOS to assign definitive responsibility to an agency for clearing the pathways will lead to a speedier cleanup and less danger for seniors.


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