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Greenfield Opponent Says Councilman Is Late To Party On Modesty Lawsuit

Hayon, left, and Greenfield, right.
Hayon, left, and Greenfield, right.

We told you last week about Councilman David Greenfield’s defense of Hasidic store owners, who are being targeted by the Human Rights Commission for demanding customers dress modestly.

The business owners hung signs from their windows demanding customers adhere to a dress code, which spurred the commission to file suit against the Williamsburg-based businesses. Greenfield recently argued that it’s an example of New York City bureaucracy getting in the way of religious tolerance, and that it’s no different than nightclubs banning baggy jeans or high-end restaurants requiring jackets.

Greenfield’s opponent, Republican candidate Joseph Hayon, went into a tizzy over the news, wondering why Greenfield had failed to come to the rescue of out-of-district business owners sooner.

Here’s the full statement he put out:

Back in February 2013, the NYC Human Rights Commission notified several store owners in Williamsburg that they will sue them for posting signs asking customers to dress modestly. Then on October 24th, 2013, my opponent, David Greenfield, issued a press release calling it an outrage and requesting that the HRC drop the lawsuit. The bigger outrage here is WHERE WAS THE ONLY ORTHODOX COUNCILMAN HIDING FOR MONTHS, where was Mr. Greenfield all these months while the trial was getting closer and closer? We heard no outrage on this issue from Mr. Greenfield until two weeks before he stands for re-election and is facing a stronger than anticipated challenge.

The Jewish community deserves a pro-active councilman that is responsive to our concerns and takes immediate action. While he rightfully called this issue an outrage, Mr. Greenfield could have also introduced legislation to allow such modesty signs throughout the city so no other business falls victim to the anti-religious Bloomberg Human Rights Commission but Greenfield failed to introduce any such legislation. Why?

Unfortunately, being asleep at the switch is a pattern Mr Greenfield tends to follow and proves that Orthodox concerns are hardly a priority for him. When the Bloomberg Administration announced the Metzitzah B’peh regulation a year ago, Mr. Greenfiled only announced legislation banning Bris Milah regulations in September of 2013, more than a year late. Where was David Greenfield?

Why didn’t Greenfield address these issues months ago?

This is Hayon’s first run for City Council after two failed bids to unseat incumbent assembly members in Sheepshead Bay and Flatlands. He first ran against Sheepshead Bay’s Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz in 2010, and Flatlands’ Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein in 2012. In both campaigns, he attacked the candidates for not being sufficiently Orthodox. He blasted Weinstein for her support of same-sex marriage, and sought to appeal to religious Jewish voters by mis-characterizing a bill Cymbrowitz voted for as forcing religious schools to “teach Kindergarten children to ‘tolerate’ or sanctify same-gender relationships.” Hayon also made headlines in 2010 when, as a student at Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard), the school banned him from handing out pro-life literature on campus, a decision the school eventually overturned.

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  1. Unfortunately, my contacts with Mr. Greenfield and his stuff upset me so much that I will not vote for him. Never ever.
    He does not care about all his voters. Even he promised before elections. Personally.

  2. I agree. I don’t like Hayon’s views against marriage equality, but Greenfield did vote against marriage equality in 2010.
    I would rather vote for an honest conservative than a liar. I am voting for Hayon

  3. Sounds to me like poor decisions at a school led to that, not a fairly vague bill that’s limited to saying schools should build in tolerance programming to their curriculum.

  4. Marriage is a state issue. Greenfield could not have voted against marriage equality. I suppose there may have been a resolution in the City Council at some point, but I tried to find it and couldn’t. Either way, I’m sure Greenfield would have voted against it, yes – but how does that make him a liar?

  5. He voted against the signs telling people which states have marriage equality before marriage equality passed.

  6. Hayon said a few years ago that these types of things would happen and he was right.

    I know someone who son came home from a public school and told his father that his teacher told him there is nothing wrong if he wants to marry another man.

    it’s not important what a bill says it (under a limited definition) rather how it is be implemented.

    Anyone who doesn’t support repealing or amending that legislation, is really in favor of teachers telling kids to ask another member of the same sex to kiss!

  7. I don’t want my kids hearing that.

    Teachers have no right to teach my kids what I consider immoral.

    Don’t parents have any rights anymore?

  8. Suppose you believed that members of certain races were inferior, and felt that your religious works backed up that idea?

    I’m sorry, but a secular society must teach a set of moral rules based upon humanistic considerations. You may teach your children that your belief system does not accept this. But they should also understand the law does. And that is how it should be.

  9. Yeah i know despite all psychological/sociological/anthropological evidence you sincerely believe that you can “make people become attracted to the same sex”. and therefore you prefer that children never hear about gay people. Quick question: what about the welfare of gay/bisexual/transgender children who are often bullied from middle school and onward who are afraid for their physical safety and often mis school because of it. I know you would rather live in a society where gay and lesbian people are the third most targeted minority in bias crimes but make up what? 3-5% of the population? or better yet make some 30% of youth suicides and 40% of homeless youth, than one where people are simply accepted for who they are because of a completely HARMLESS aspect of their identity.

  10. and a right wing drivel website with a video by pat robertson’s CBN news is surely a reliable source. not chance of them completely distorting what happened.

  11. Yeah i’m sure if you’re kids never know what gay people are they’ll never meet any and it will totally be impossible that any of their classmates or any people they will ever meet after they graduate from high school will be gay.

  12. You say that as though that will be every health class. YOu see buddy part of the problem and what you can’t seem to realize is that we live in a secular country and many of the people in this country find it troubling that LGBT people can be hated for no other reason than that they exist, based on arbitrary biblical reasoning(often cherry picked out of context,) despite the fact that their sexual and gender identity harms no one. Get used to it or move to IRan, you’re type are more than welcomed there.

  13. oh give me a break this is the same network whose head totally approves of men cheating of their lives while harping on homosexuality:

  14. and quite frankly this is one anecdotal case of this happening. But a health class that in the 6th grade (in the year 2000) showed me diagrams of a penis, vagina, bananas and condoms along with an explanation of how pregancy begins and video of a live birth, could have just as easily explained from a psychosocial viewpoint what sexual orientation is.


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