Green Party Presidential Candidate Wins Over 11,000 Votes Across Brooklyn

Photo via Green Party NYC Facebook Page.

As she did across the state, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein secured a percentage and a half of Brooklyn’s vote.

Stein received 11,165 votes from Brooklynites in Tuesday’s historic election, according to the New York City Board of Elections. This year’s other third party candidate for president, Gary Johnson of the Independence and Libertarian parties, won 6,391 votes.

Of all the boroughs, Brooklyn gave Stein and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka, the most votes by far.

The Greens won 34,000 votes in New York City, and just over 100,000 votes across the state on Tuesday.

The impact of the Greens, and other “third” political parties, on U.S. presidential elections remains controversial.

An article posted by CNN today argued that if the Democrats had won the lion’s share of third-party voters in states like Wisconsin (10 electoral votes), Pennsylvania (20), Michigan (16) and Florida (29) on Tuesday, “Clinton would have defeated Trump by earning 307 Electoral College votes, enough to secure the presidency.”

Stein said to ABC News that she did not believe her candidacy had a meaningful impact on Clinton’s performance. Stein cited exit poll data that “25 percent of her supporters would have voted for Clinton, 15 percent would have voted for Trump and 55 percent said they would have stayed at home.”

Gary Johnson, however, won enough votes to “cover the deficit” between Trump and Clinton in several states, Stein maintained. She said that only in the state of Michigan did she surpass the gap between the Democratic and Republic candidates. Stein received 51,444 votes in Michigan, while the gap between Trump and Clinton was 12,686 votes, ABC News reported.

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