It’s The Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest [Photos]

It’s The Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest [Photos]

FORT GREENE – Fort Green Park was packed Saturday afternoon with thousands of local dog lovers cheering on the 126 adorable contestants at the 19th annual Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest.

Lots of dogs came dressed as their (or their parent’s) favorite television characters, with pups dressed up as dragons from Game of Thrones, Eleven or Eggo Waffles from Stranger Things, and Offred from The Handmaid’s Tale.

There were also a couple of Back to the Future costumes, the Dude from The Big Lebowski, Bill and Ted with their time-traveling telephone booth, and pooches dressed up as superheroes, food, and other animals.

An ice cream sundae
Nicki Minaj-inspired costumes
A Playboy Bunny
The Paw Reader
A Ghost Buster
Wonder Women
Chester transforms into a butterfly!
The Chick-Fil-A cow
A Dog-phin meeting the judges
A dog in a boiling cauldron
Godzilla attacks the city of Tokyo
Pennywise and Georgie from It
Captain America
The Footstool from Beauty and the Beast
Nicole Malliotakis and her dog, Peanut
A bucket of KFC
The Q train
Dog in a tux
Dr. Frank-N-Furter
A bunch of asparagus
A dog grill
A lobster in a pot
Wilson the volleyball
Freddie Cor-ger
An 80s aerobics fanatic
The Dude
A California roll
Scrappy Doo with Velma and Shaggy
The Sandworm from Beetlejuice
Bill & Ted
Street Fashion Photographer Bill Cunningham and Lynn Yaeger
The Paw Reader, The Caterpup/Metamorphosis
New & Improved Alexander Hamilton, The Paw Reader, The Caterpup/Metamorphosis
The Paw Reader, The Caterpup/Metamorphosis

Started 19 years ago by Fort Greene resident Kath Hansen, who just wanted to dress her dog up for Halloween (starting with Cameron, then Bobby, and currently Stanley, a Tibetan Spaniel), the event grew exponentially over the years as more and more of Hansen’s friends and neighbors wanted to get in on the doggy fun.

“It started very organically. Me and my friends just wanted to play dress up. You’d be surprised how many people want to dress up their dog,” Hansen said following Saturday’s competition. “It’s fun. The park is a natural location. The Parks Department has been great.  It’s just gotten bigger and bigger. The neighborhood is really creative.”

Organizing the pup-ular annual event is “like another full-time job for me,” Hansen, who works in marketing, adds, with months of planning and organizing leading up to the big show. And no matter how hard you try, sometimes there are some glitches you just can’t avoid.

“It really sucks when it rains,” she says. “One year it snowed. We had to move the event outside the park because they closed the park!”

Next year will be the 20th edition of the beloved Great PUPkin contest, and Hansen’s last. “I’m going to retire after next year. I’ve done it for 20 years,” she explains. “I’m happy to do it one more year. It will be fun for one more year and then I’ll hand it off to someone else.”

Great PUPkin founder, Kath Hansen, and her dog Stanley, both dressed as peacocks

Emceed by the dapper Justine Keefe, a panel of judges selected the top ten dogs—no easy task! Pups four through ten won prize packages donated by local businesses filled with treats for the furry winners and their humans.

The top three winners then went through an audience vote to determine the top dog. The crowd enthusiastically cheered for The New & Improved Alexander Hamilton who won third place and The Paw Reader who took home second place, but the deafening applause for The Caterpup/Metamorphosis made it clear who the audience favorite was.

Third-place winner, Alexander Hamilton and second-place winner, The Paw Reader
First prize! Carrie Bilbo and Chester, The Caterpup/Metamorphosis

Fort Greene resident Carrie Bilbo and her ten-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Chester took home the top prize, an undulating caterpillar from which a winged Chester sprouts out! It took Bilbo only three weeks to create the winning costume—which should be no surprise since she’s had practice. She and Chester won top prize last year too as llamas!

Congratulations to all the winners!

[Photos by Pamela Wong/BKLYNER]


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