Kensington Dog Run & PS 92 Sidewalk Extension Are Funded!

Kensington Dog Run & PS 92 Sidewalk Extension Are Funded!
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Photo: Ditmas Park Corner

Two additional projects chosen by our community via Participatory Budgeting (PB) have received the green light.

The office of Council Member Mathieu Eugene has announced that out of the eleven projects on the PB ballot for the 40th District, nine now have funding to go forward — the Kensington Dog Run and PS 92 Sidewalk Extension have been added to the list.

PS 92 is located at Parkside and Rogers Avenues in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. The new Kensington Dog Run will be situated in the southwest corner of the Parade Ground.

The Brooklyn Borough President’s office will also help fund both projects, Eugene’s office said.

Councilmember Eugene’s office said that extra funds became available because the PB totals they received from a separate division in the City Council after the recent citywide vote were incorrect — “the totals included costs that were overestimated.”

Eugene’s and Lander’s districts will be sharing the cost of the “Lake Mess Monster” project at $70,000 each, which also freed up more funding.

Almost one-thousand (984) voters participated in PB this year in the 40th District. The final nine winning projects are:

  • Computer Lab Updates for PS 249, PS 245, PS 139, and PS 6 ($140,000) — 803 votes
  • Community Barbecue Sites in Prospect Park ($80,000) — 522 votes
  • Gymnasium Upgrades at Erasmus High School ($150,000) — 514 votes
  • Technology Updates for M.S. 2 Parkside Academy ($35,000) — 489 votes
  • Replacement of “Lake Mess Monster” ($70,000) — 440 votes
  • Smartboards for P.S. 92 ($175,000) — 396 votes
  • Real-Time Passenger Information ($200,000) — 385 votes
  • Kensington Dog Run ($135,000) — 309 votes
  • P.S. 92 Sidewalk Extension ($300,000) — 232 votes