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Gravesend Man Goes Toe To Toe With Robber For $50,000

Richies, the scene of the theft. (Source: Google Maps)

A feisty 74-year-old Gravesend man, Joseph Mizrahi, held his own when attempting to protect his Lower East Side clothing shop from a brutal thug.

Mizrahi’s Delancy Street-based store, Richies, was the target of the mugger, described as tall and about 25 years in age in a New York Post report.

Mizrahi collected his weekly earnings and stepped out onto the street when the crook locked him in a choke hold and threw him to the ground. Mizrahi, who suffered minor injuries to his elbow and knee, got up and scrambled to tackle the mugger who was trying to make off with two bags filled with $50,000 in cash and credit card receipts.

Mizrahi managed to slow the thief down by tearing one of the bags open, scattering the money, which caused the thief to try and recover what he could before bolting.

The suspect has not yet been apprehended.

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  1. What the hell difference does it make where the article says he is from. Read the article and comments on the substance, we don’t need a nitpicker.

    Thank goodness the old man wasn’t hurt worse, or killed. I hope that he is OK.

  2. why is an old man…… walking around with 50 grand? ALONE? use 10 bucks of that money to call yourself a Cab……… or a family member……… Something smells fishy here…….


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