Gravesend Library Art Exhibits An “Oasis Of Culture”

Brooklyn Public Library: Gravesend Library

A Gravesend librarian has transformed his library’s auditorium into an art gallery that displays work from emerging artists.

“I want to raise the culture for everyone in the area,” said Boris Loselev in the New York Daily News. “Our goal isn’t selling art, it’s promoting art.”

Loselev takes time out of his own schedule to run the monthly art exhibits in the Brooklyn Public Library – Gravesend branch at  303 Avenue X. He also travels at least three times a month to different art galleries across the city in search of new talent to present in these exhibits.

Loselev’s first exhibit, which was 10 years ago, only had six attendees, but now his exhibits draw in a much larger crowd.

“When I talk to people, they tell me it’s so great,” he said. “They call it the oasis of culture in the neighborhood.”

Loselev hopes to expand the exhibit to other libraries and plans on holding lectures for kids in the neighborhood who lost art programs in their schools due to the budget cuts.