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Gravesend Home Selling For $1.475 Million, Dyker Heights To Get New Six-Unit Apartment Building



A freestanding, single-family home at 8738 23rd Avenue has hit the market and is asking $1.475 million for its cottage-like exterior and four-bedroom sprawl in the heart of the area’s Jewish community.

The home's black staircase and dining room. (Photo via Corcoran)
The home’s black staircase and dining room. (Photo via Corcoran)

It certainly is original on the inside, with a black staircase, stone fireplace, and a finished attic and basement. There’s 2,448 square feet in all, but the sticker price is still a shocker for those used to the prices on many of the less luxurious area homes and apartments.

The home's kitchen has been fully renovated and is quite glossy. (Photo via Corcoran)
The home’s kitchen has been fully renovated and is quite glossy. (Photo via Corcoran)

“Although Gravesend is a neighborhood way out in South Brooklyn, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good place to find a deal,” real estate and lifestyle website 6sqft wrote of the home hitting the market. Their article further specified that the area is, “known for its multi-million dollar real estate because of its large Sephardic Jewish population.”

Dyker Heights

Meanwhile, in Dyker Heights, yet another longstanding home’s fate is on the line and will likely soon make way for a larger, multi-family development.

1058 62nd Street. (Photo via Property Shark)
1058 62nd Street. (Photo via Property Shark)

Currently, 1058 62nd Street refers to a quaint, green-shingled three-story home with a set-back driveway and red and white striped awning that matches the one above its neighbor’s front door. Not for long, however, as permits have been filed to bring a 5,300 square-foot three-story home with six apartments to the address. The new building, its permit filed by the local firm, 8th Avenue based A Plus Design, will include onsite laundry, but not parking.

Demolition permits have not yet been filed.

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  1. Not Gravesend (in zip 11214 which is Bensonhurst), its not a “Jewish area”, and frankly the price for that size piece of property is pretty much in line with the going rate. What is the purpose of this article, anyway?


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