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Grand Bazaar’s Not So Grand Opening


We’ve been watching this location at 2424 Coney Island Avenue for months, and what was previously a rundown nightclub is now Grand Bazaar. Although everything seemed ready to go back in January, when the owner said they’d have a soft opening in February, it finally opened this week. Their small parking lot looks like it can fit about eight cars with room for two to load groceries if no truck is offloading. There is even a small sitting area outside, but its lack of shade isn’t so appealing in this weather.

Back when we first reported on Grand Bazaar, the owner told us there would be a grand opening about a month after its soft opening. And with a soft spot for celebrations with free food, we’re hoping that’s true. Stay tuned!

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  1. I remember when this used to be the Seaport diner… god awful burgers, but they did the job. A supermarket should do well there, ever since Met closed a few years back theres been a bit of a grocery vacuum in this location.

  2. No big deal – stopped by yesterday. Just like cherry hill/Bay gourmet. The price on the cut watermelon was great ($1.79 for a full quart of chunks), but the olives were old and kinda squishy.

  3. I was online to pay for food and the guys who work there, I think they were the managers or supervisors sneezed. It was in front of the open food/salad bar and they never covered their mouth. I dropped eveything and walked out I was so repulsed and disgusted.


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