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Grade Mayor Bloomberg’s Sandy Response!

Source: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kevin S. O’Brien via Wikimedia Commons

Hurricane Sandy was an unstoppable storm, affecting so many residents throughout our city. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a figure many looked to for leadership and guidance during this critical time.

The opinions of his efforts or shortcomings, depending on any given perspective, vary greatly. WNYC asked several New Yorkers how they would rate Bloomberg in the wake of Sandy.

Interestingly, of those interviewed in the piece, the three leaders representing the private sector graded the mayor fairly high, while the two public sector leaders gave Bloomberg an “F”.

Ed Jaworski, president of the Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association, was one of the interviewees who gave Bloomberg a failing grade. He said:

Sandy’s impact reflects Mayor Bloomberg’s obsession with real estate-development: seeking taller buildings and more densely packed population than other cities worldwide. Three weeks before the hurricane, he announced that he’d seek a major up-zoning on Manhattan’s East Side. Did he address all the component infrastructure consequences, including safety? How about when he encouraged dense development on the Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts? Now, because we have a Department of City Planning that doesn’t plan — it rezones — the mayor had to appoint a director of housing recovery operations and community restoration directors.

We’d like to hear your take on Bloomberg’s efforts. On your standard grammar school scale of A to F, did he do well by our neighborhood before, during and after Hurricane Sandy?

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  1. It’s my understanding that he didn’t want extra help from the National Guard. We could have used more boots on the ground, and the resources that come with them. C-

  2. f
    minus. here are a few reasons why… 1) he waited TO LONG to order
    zone A to evacuate. 2) he told FEMA no thanks NYC didnt need them 3)
    he actually believed no resources that were going to be used for the
    MARATHON were needed for Sandy recovery!!! including 3 gigantic mobile
    generator trucks.

  3. My grade for Doomberg is “OLD RICH ASSHOLE”. He doesn’t give a shit about 90% of NY. I hope this old bastard dies soon so the sheeple wont let him become mayor AGAIN. Humans are retarded.

  4. I honestly think the guy and his team did everything within their means to warn residents how bad it would be, to leave their homes and be prepared for power outtages for up to two weeks, he shut down trains which helped get them back up faster. I give him a B+ based on my experiences with the storm and help that was given.

  5. The grade, should be a rope around his neck, for treason.

    once again the wonderful mayor shows his gross incompetence in running a city.
    1. waiting to long to call for zone a evacuations.

    2. compounding the situation of getting people around but the mta shutting down entirely to early. i can understand getting the trains out of coney and rock away, but the bus service should have continued until much later then 7pm. [ a friend of mine in rock away, wanted to leave but couldn’t, bc of no trains/buses]

    3. telling the national guard and fema that nyc doesn’t need help.

    4. insisting the marathon go on, showing a total disconnect of reality of the real world.

    5, waiting entirely way to long to start gas rationing.

    the mayor. rather emperor showed us again that he doesn’t care about the outer boroughs. i remember after the blizzard he said “come see a Broadway show, plenty of tickets.”and everyone outside of Manhattan, was like uhm we don’t have streets trains or buses. the city was fine but nothing else was working.
    this time – he rushed for lower Manhattan to get power back, while everything in the city is running, parts of Brooklyn queens and si, are still flooded…

    over all this mayor is a F&^#KING A$$#ole. who doesn’t care about anything money cant buy him. i think his entire staff are paid to tell him he does good.

    i believe and feel he should be charged with treason against the citizens of new york city for mass negligence, incompetence and general idiocy. i feel like he has treated this city like bain capitol treats companies. i actually believe he feels like we should all owe him for the honor of him being out mayor. he changed term limits laws, so he could run again, then changed them back so no one else could… i mean wtf how did he get away with that….

    bloomy i fucking hate you; what you did to this city time and time again, and everthing you standfor… please do the world a favor, give your money to the city, and kill yourself.

  6. Everyone is quick to criticize the Mayor…I just find it funny how people complain that they weren’t given enough time to evacuate from Zone A (especially since the storm did do damage to those areas) and how last year people were complaining they were told to evacuate from Zone A when Irene brought nothing. Evacuate means take a few important things and get out asap…Also, If anyone ever took an economics class in college would know that you would have to first restore the area where the money is coming in (i.e., Manhattan) because if it isn’t the repercussions will trickle down to areas like Sheepshead Bay and other parts of the city. If the local government is slow to respond, everyone should be helping out each other as best they can in the meantime. An example of what I’m on about, a girl that lived on my mother’s street on Ave.Z stopped by a day after the storm and asked to charge her phone because she didn’t have power. My mother said of course and the girl was so thrilled because the first two houses she stopped by said “no”…are you kidding me??

  7. trickle down eco dont work, been proven.
    and yea a friend of mine from manhatten beach has been coming back and forth to charge her phones/laptops bc no one else closer will do it. and im on ave u…

    bloomy has proven he is bad. the snowstorm..
    i dont count irene, as nyc itself somehow go lucky, while everywhere around got pounded… he made the right call for that storm, but the storm just skipped us. the blizzard and his handling of this storm. telling feme and nat guard we dont need you… while the navy steamed ships to us… he doesnt care. as long as manhatten is working he is good… he always forgets the outter boroughs

  8. What got me frustrated is his answer to “call 311”. I called 311 many times, an the tree that fell in front of my parents house is still blocking the entrance. I feel he is too disconnected. I rate him a “C-“

  9. How about trickle up. We can’t wait for the rich to share the wealth. The area that the “money is coming in ” in Southern Brooklyn needs support now.
    This storm crushed an actively changing/ “some say” progressing movement in Sheepshead Bay. Property values will show a dramatic change. Insurances will skyrocket and none of this will be subsidized. Bloomshit will not pull 100g’s out of his pocket for every home owner.damages aside, because thats how much a house worth 8-900 g’s will lose. If not more.
    Building Manhattan has nothing to do with us here in Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Rockaway and Breezy Point.
    Trust me no one is being quick, just repetitive of the facts. He is going out in a blaze….hope it sends him straight to hell.

  10. I’m from Rockaway and I left in time and haven’t been home since the MTA shut down. I give Bloomberg a B-. His concern was NYCHA (wish I lived in a NYCHA building) getting power restored but what about private property apt buildings…how about holding them responsible for fixing wires so I can receive some damn power. His slow response to the Rockaways was just as bad as LIPA. Yes everyone got hit in Zone A areas but we got it real bad. We have the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Jamaica Bay on the other…and they both met up in the middle. From the top of the Rockaways all way down to Breezy Point WATER running mad. Unbelievable. I wanna thank LIPA for screwing up so bad lol, if they hadn’t been caught we probably wouldn’t have made it on TV. *And no I am not knocking ppl who live in NYCHA buildings, not mad at all about that. Hell I might just move into one, because my management company R Y Management has no answers to when we’ll get lights, heat or hot water back. FIGHT FOR US TO BLOOMBERG!!!!!!!!

  11. Bloomberg didnt give a (cough) for NYCHA housing or anything else. got pissed off when he was questioned about it too. local pols get good grades, Cuomo too… Bloomberg cared about his marathon and upper manhattan and wallstreet.

  12. Bloomberg got PISSED he was FORCED to cancel the marathon…. need anything else be said? we had people sitting in total darkness out here and Bloomberg had three mobile generators sitting IDLE in Central park for DAYS, waiting to light up a press VIP area. Bloomberg was and still IS the Mayor of Manhattan! and the rest of the city be damned… but dont light up on the destroyed beach or drink a soda that is to big for bloombergs tastes. Given MY experience with the storm and city gov… there isnt a letter grade LOW enough to give our dilitant mayor. so TF for total failure is my rating.

  13. He sidetracked too many communities while Manhattan was a priority. Also took too long to cancel marathon and invoke odd-even gas rationing. His elitist side was on display once again. C what I mean?

  14. If you weren’t so arrogant and mean-spirited, your response would be better appreciated. How low can you go? Hoping he dies? Asshole? That’s f–ked up commenting.
    He can’t run again. Where have you been?

    So if you’re human, you’re mentally disabled, too, right?

  15. I’ll admit.. I can’t complain because I was luckily on vacation during the storm. But I didn’t understand why he waited until Sunday 10/28 to give the evacuation order. NYC should’ve been hunkering down on Saturday 10/27. I was in the Caribbean and we got 2 local South Florida stations and 1 local Pittsburgh station in addition to CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and so forth. It seemed like every city that was going to be affected by the storm made preparations well in advance of the storm, while NYC waited until the last minute.

  16. FYI – He can actually run again (he can buy the City Council like he did for the 3rd campaign) but he knows that he’s already worn out his popularity as Mayor.

  17. Bloomberg didn’t do a damn thing for NYCHA. Public housing areas like Coney Island and Red Hook got aid because the media picked up how bad things were and the disaster response took place. But other projects that didn’t have electricity for a week (like Gowanus Houses in Brooklyn) got nothing from the city.

  18. Well, day 14 in the dark in the cold in Staten Island 10305 we sit on Buel Ave /Nugent in the dark once again.. I need we need the National Guard. We are so done with having no lives. Mr Bloomberg, we so stress out, please help us!!

  19. he gets a big D for do nothing. All he did was give the impression that he was devoting his time and resources to this crisis. How many of his Billions did he donate to the Red Cross. He is full of it and full of himself. He is a conspirator. Every move made by him during this crisis was intended to show that he is and will always be the BOSS and nobody will step in his way. He is sewage. Float him out to sea.

  20. Big ol’ D-. Only reason he’s not getting an F is because he didn’t take off for Bermuda this time. Everything else about that clown is a joke. Turning away federal funds and the national guard, no respect for residents effected by the storm, butchered spanish, giving a crap only about revenue. How is this criminal not locked up or kicked out of office?

  21. oh really? hmmm I still have a notice on my now empty fridge that clearly says… stock UP and be prepared to POSSIBLY LOSE POWER FOR A FEW DAYS. after 6 days with not even running water and having to carry dry ice up 6 flights of totally dark staircases to TRY and keep the STOCKED UP fridge cold it got to hard to stay and wait… 15 days later we were able to get back to our apt building..which is running at reduced capacity with intermittent brownouts hourly because the generator breaks down. and WE are the lucky ones… people are still without ANY utilities, hot food or even homes to return to so Bloomberg did NOT do everything he could… he did as little as he could get away with while trying to pretend NYC was A-OK the day after Sandy destroyed peoples lives all along the NYC coastline!!

  22. What planet are you on? What did evacuating have to do with the fact that we no longer have homes we can live in?

  23. Looks as if Manhattan is the only part of NYC. Those residents in area neglected by the city could take all the trash and debris from Sandy and put them on trains heading to Manhattan. Let them see and smell and endure for five minutes what we have to go through.

  24. For once, maybe the city’s response can be based on people and not just money. People in Sheepshead can suffer just like the people in Manhattan when they don’t have power. There is something terribly wrong with us when we only see dollar signs and not human beings.

  25. An F. He ordered non essential city workers to go to work in the height of a seriously dangerous storm and for days afterward despite there being no public transit and closed bridges. The marathon stuff, of course. Reinstating meter rules even when no one had gas. Worst of all though, is his attitude and complete lack of compassion. He seemed annoyed at every press conference, as if he was irritated that he had to do his job. He seems to have utter contempt for New Yorkers sometimes. Fortunately he does have some pretty good people working for him, so that helped a little, but for his personal performance, F.

  26. It isn’t so easy for everyone to evacuate. If you were a senior citizen with no place to go except for a city shelter, you may not have left either. The shelters are not exactly safe. Besides, while evacuation may save your life, it doesn’t make a difference in the damage done. Whether or not people obeyed the order, they still need the appropriate help.

  27. I live in zone A…smart enough to get my car out unlike the thousands who felt the Mayor was not as dark about the storm as with Sandy. It is true no megaphones like last year went around the neighborhood. I stayed, watched the water creep up and countless cars were destroyed unnecessarily. You were way too complacent Mr Mayor and made a bad choice for those who rely on your actions. You took an extra day to decide whether people should leave or not. To boot you almost made kids think they were going to school on Tuesday…thank goodness for the gov who said..there will be no school. The funniest was when Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel made the face that everyone was thinking when it came to a decision about evacuating. If he could say it this was what he would have said…What are you crazy?
    Worse you supported HR 2606 The Gas Enhancement Act which the next storm will absolutely devastate this city for years to come. Building a gas pipeline through our National Park at Gateway and under the crumpled infrastructure of the Rockaways. You are either off your rocker or just consumed by your lack of awesomeness! May the next Mayor be able to pick up the pieces and put our city back on the map.


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