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Grab A Loaf Of Bread At Cortelyou Craft Beer Market

Multi-Grain Loaf. (Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner)
Multi-Grain Loaf. (Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner)

We love stopping into Cortelyou Craft Beer Market, 1211 Cortelyou Road, to grab a couple of craft brews or a growler full of whatever they have on tap on our way home, but we didn’t realize until recently what a great selection of bread the shop has as well.

All of the bread is fresh baked daily — if you want it still warm, get there before 1pm — and organic. Our favorite is the Multi-Grain loaf ($7), which is made with a rye and whole wheat base, as well as sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, and poppy seeds. It seems like it would have too much going on but somehow everything really comes together for a rich and unique flavor — not to mention an amazing texture.

Another loaf the shop carries daily is the Oat loaf ($7), which is moist and just slightly sweet. We’ve heard it makes great French toast, which we can’t wait to try.

Market also does specialty breads on the weekends, including a Challah bread on Fridays. The weekend specialties are always changing but they’ve previously had olive loafs, potato breads, and more.

Selection of snacks at Cortelyou Craft Beer Market. (Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner)
Selection of snacks at Cortelyou Craft Beer Market. (Photo by Shannon Geis/Ditmas Park Corner)

Manager John Marren says they have also put more focus recently on stocking shelves with snacks and treats that pair well with their beers and breads, including salsas, dips, and cheeses.

“We are trying to find the happy medium between beer and food,” says John. And he says they welcome feedback and suggestions, so let him know what you’d like to see on the shelves.

And if you’d like to make any special orders ahead of the holidays, John says to let him know by Tuesday for bread and Monday for any other specialties. He says they also plan to be open from 10am-4pm on Thanksgiving day for any last-minute beer runs.

Cortelyou Craft Beer Market is located at 1211 Cortelyou Road and open from 12-9pm Monday through Thursday, 12am-10pm on Fridays, 11am-10pm on Saturdays, and 11am-9pm on Sundays. Stop in for a free tasting everyday from 6-8pm.  

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  1. Please bring back the hummus from mimis. and the sun dried tomatoes… and the feta. i never buy anything in that store anymore. miss the old fridge section!

  2. theyve got a well chosen beer selection, not a ton of stuff but some interesting bottles i havent seen elsewhere. also a fan of the coffee mob coffees


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