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Governor Cuomo Signs A New Bill Against Child Pornography

Source: Senator Golden’s offices

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that strengthens laws against viewing and downloading child pornography from the internet.

The bill has been on the table for some time and has been supported by Senator Martin Golden. Lawmakers discovered that a loophole existed in New York’s legislation for prosecuting those charged with viewing child pornography.

The issue came up when lawmakers realized that one who views child pornography on a website where the images appear is not committing a felony unless he or she downloads the photos. Further, the initial law stated that if the images somehow became automatically embedded, this was not considered possession of the pornography either.

The new law amends the old law and prohibits individuals from knowingly accessing a website with the intent of viewing child pornography on the internet. Accessing a website and intending to view child pornography will now be a class E felony.

“With the strengthening of these laws, we eliminate any loophole to better protect our children from predators,” said Governor Cuomo to the Post Star News. “This new law stops criminals who have been able to escape prosecution and punishment for too long. I applaud Majority Leader Skelos, Speaker Silver and the bill sponsors for their leadership and dedication to keeping our kids safe. By working together, we are ensuring that all New Yorkers, especially children, are kept safe and that justice is rightfully served.”

As a result of the new law, possessing child pornography will never be considered legal in New York State.


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  1. I never understood why looking is a crime… it’s like a thought crime, nobody is being hurt. How does that in any way hinder or punish those who actually produce it?

  2. as abhorrent as child pornography is, I’m wondering how looking at your computer alone, let’s say, in the privacy of your own residence, and being arrested for it, is not a gross violation of one’s constitutional rights. This is such a bad precedent, far worse than child pornography itself. The ramifications of this are limitless.

    This is still another example of government slowly sliding its intrusive hand into privacy, rights-abusing, etc.  I’m wondering if NYC will soon invade the homes, looking for people drinking 32+ ounce sugar beverages. 

       As a slight aside, how did the boomers suddenly discover extreme morality? I thought they were the “let it all hang out” people, you know, tune in, turn on, drop out, free sex, legalize drugs, you know.  Now I see an editorial writer on SB telling me that a politician should be fired if he uses prostitutes or misuses chat in the privacy of his own home, on his own  time and money. “Higher standards”, he wrote.  I neglected to ask the writer how far the newly-found morality goes? I was going to ask about smoking weed in private. I mean, it’s still a misdemeanor.  I assume that since many newly-reborn morality people engage in a little weed, THAT will be exempt from the “higher standards” that he wrote about.

  3. Ok, this is BS. wanna know why? say you click a link someone sends to you and it opens a page that has tons of images on it, one happens to be child porn, you dont even scroll to the img. guess whos going to jail. YOU. Where can you read the entire bill? I am sure they slipped more into this as well that they are not making into headlines

  4. How nice of Andy Cuomo to “protect” all of the children. Funny, how 20 years ago he stayed silent as his boss raped boys in his office and continued collecting his paychecks and partnership dividends even after Michael Blutrich plead guilty to pedophilia.

    All of those young men from Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach who were raped by Cuomo’s boss and their families must really appreciate how Cuomo is now “protecting” them.

    Another Degenerate NY Democrat and his degenerate supporters who care nothing about children, but sure love the photo ops for “protecting” them.

  5. THis law is silly and probably unconstitutional for any number of reasons. A female friend  who is Irish was curious and typed or something like that one day and got what she thinks was a child porn site. Gonna throw her in jail? Some of these porn sites intentionally give themselves a domain name very close to a legitimate one, say (just making that up).

       The purpose of this law is positive publicity for the politicians, as usual.


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