Gounardes Joins Gentile In Protest Against Brooklyn 11223

Andrew Gounardes, who recently threw his hat into the ring against State Senator Marty Golden, has joined fellow Democrat Councilman Vincent Gentile and a group of successful Bay Ridge women in opposing the way new reality show Brooklyn 11223 portrays life among a group of pugilistic young women from other zip codes (11223 is actually the zip code for Gravesend) who work and ball brawl in Bay Ridge.

“I want to thank Councilman Gentile and these community leaders for sticking up for Bay Ridge and for Brooklyn,” Gounardes said in a prepared statement to Bensonhurst Bean. “I grew up in this community, and I’m disappointed to see it being portrayed from such a narrow and stereotypical perspective. This show doesn’t capture the essence of what makes Bay Ridge such an incredible part of this city.”

“Countless families from around the world that move to Bay Ridge every year aren’t coming because of shows like this,” he continued. “They’re coming because it is one of the safest neighborhoods and has some of the best schools in the city. They’re coming because they appreciate its diversity and its natural beauty, its popular restaurants and shops, and most of all, its strong sense of community. That’s the Bay Ridge that I’d love to see a show about.”

It remains to be seen whether the actions of local pols will persuade residents to boycott the show, or merely make them curious enough to tune in.