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GOP Source: Davidzon Campaign A Test Of Media Mogul’s Worth In Future Elections

Many say Davidzon (right) is only running to cause Storobin (left) to lose, but it might mean losing out on business for the media mogul.
Many say Davidzon (right) is only running to cause Storobin (left) to lose, but it might mean losing out on business for the media mogul.

A high-ranking source in the Brooklyn Republican Party is elated that Russian media mogul Gregory Davidzon is throwing his hat into the ring with a surprise write-in campaign for the 48th Council District, saying that it’ll prove whether or not his support is worth paying for.

Davidzon has long held himself up as the “kingmaker” of the Russian community, a title that picked up traction in the mainstream political press after his support helped garner wins in the Russian community for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Comptroller John Liu and, most surprisingly, Congressman Bob Turner.

But the kingmaker’s power has come under doubt in the last few election cycles, having failed to earn wins for candidates he supported, including Lew Fidler in his race for State Senate against David Storobin, Ben Akselrod in his bid to unseat Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, and, most recently, Ari Kagan in his race for the 48th District Democratic primary.

The recent record has some politicos wondering if it means the power broker’s influence is ebbing.

“It’s a free poll for us,” a high-ranking source in the Republican Party leadership, who asked to remain anonymous, told Sheepshead Bites. “We can finally see how much support he’ll bring in. It’ll be a way to tell if it’s worth paying for.”

The source was referring to the consulting fees Davidzon commands in return for advertising, on-air support and Davidzon’s personal endorsement, for which candidates have been known to pay upwards of $10,000. Many have turned to the broadcaster and publisher after he gained a reputation for an almost slavish following of Russian-American seniors who vote at his whim.

That means the write-in campaign could be bad for business if Davidzon fails to garner much support in the race, as it could prove that fan-base a profitable myth.

“I’m dying to see what he can do now. If he gets two percent of the vote, it’s not worth fighting for his support anymore,” said the GOP source.

Davidzon has spent the last several days making phone calls to those in both parties seeking endorsement, having won several prominent ones already from both parties. But, our source, who was also approached, said that Davidzon disclosed that he has no hopes for winning the race, only at causing Republican contender David Storobin to lose.

“He’s acknowledged to me privately that he can’t win, but he just wants to chip away at David’s lead. There’s a bit of a rivalry right now about who really is the king of the Russians,” he said.

He added that Davidzon’s been successful at picking up the support of Republican leaders, since Storobin is on the outs with the party.

“Storobin isn’t well liked in the party right now,” the source said, noting that the party is in the midst of a civil war. [Our source is a supporter of current chairman Craig Eaton].

Still, he said he’d be withholding his support from Davidzon in favor of party loyalty.

“I can’t [support Davidzon]. There’s a Republican in the race, even if we don’t like him, we just can’t do that,” he said.

Our source isn’t the only one staying out of the fray. Republican operative Gene Berardelli, also of Craig Eaton’s Kings County Republican Party, said it’s a lose-lose to get involved.

“As a Republican, I don’t know what to make of it. On the one side, you want someone from your party to win, on the other you don’t want to offend Davidzon because he can get you votes in the future,” said Berardelli. “This is one of those situations where you just back away very slowly.”

He added that some of the support Davidzon has received, like that of Democratic Assemblymember Alec Brook-Krasny and Democratic District Leader Ari Kagan, endorsements that have baffled Democratic Party leadership, comes from fear of losing the mogul’s support down the line.

“He’s one of those guys where you go against him, and you offend him, he will never forget,” said Berardelli, noting the Brook-Krasny faces reelection next year.

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  1. Is Storobin a Republican? I can’t think of ANY candidates he has ever supported that were Republican.

  2. And here I was thinking this election was going to be boring now that the primary drama is over.

    Good news – after this is all over we can finally stop refering to Davidzon as “kingmaker”.

    Better news – Although I wish them well and many more years of happiness, the reality is that 90% of the Davidzon/Kagan “supporters” won’t be alive for much longer. The younger generation of Russian-Americans has no desire to get behind any of these assholes who have commandeered our babushki.

  3. OMG BR. I can’t believe I did not question the “kingmaker” publicly either. WTF does that even mean? Does he whittle chess pieces in his spare time? Or is is a reference to him artificially making stars out of no one because he “owns” some airwaves? I am so confused!

    PS Babushki? Did this guy bang your grandmother?

  4. Check this out – “Wright in” candidate Gregory Davidzon does not know how to spell in English. This was on the front page of his newspaper on Friday.

    Here is my theory of what happened:
    Deutsch does not have money for an advertising campaign on Davidzon radio. He asked Davidzon what he could get for $500. Davidzon said, “I can’t give you any airtime. My rates are much too high for you. Look at the $48,000 I swindled from Erick Salgado. But for the opportunity to screw David Storobin, I will confuse the hell out of the Russian community so that only the Orthodox Jews come out to vote on Nov. 5. This way, I can ensure that a Russian speaking politician that is not beholden to me will not win the election.”

    I think Chaim Deutsch is a nice guy but he should not have decided to collaborate with Davidzon. It would have been a very interesting race to see who the community would have chosen to represent them without the race being tainted by this mafioso.

  5. Gregory Davidzon knows how to spell in English. Also Chaim has enough money for any ad he wants. You better stop spreading nonsense on behalf of the biggest phony in this race-Storobin.

  6. To citizen.
    Davidzon knows how to spelling?
    Like Ari knows how to speak.
    They are both phony.
    They divided community.
    But for myself and my inner circle Alec Brook Krasny
    lost not only our vote but our respect also

  7. Doesn’t anyone find it funny that Ari, a Democrat District Leader is endorsing him? Very hypocritical of him. When Ari ran against Mike Geller for Democratic District Leader, his big issue against Mr. Geller was that Mr. Geller sometimes endorsed non-Democrat Party candidates. What does Ari do the first time he has a chance? He goes against the Party, solely to protect his own political interests for future races…

  8. As district leader, and a former candidate he should be getting behind Deutsch. This is how the game of politics is played. But he wants to be a sore loser. OK, fine, but there will be elections for district leader next year, and he will have a tougher fight, as the opposition will be motivated to be rid of him. Davidzon’s campaign is a bad joke, and it may be the ruin of both of them.


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