Goodbye Dunkin’ Donuts, Hello Liman!

Liman Turkish Restaurant on Emmons Ave in Sheepshead Bay

We’ve all been wondering if we would see a return of the Emmons Avenue Dunkin’ Donuts after it closed more than a year ago. Initial reports said it was being renovated. Well – it isn’t and we won’t. Signs have been stripped from the building, signaling that  the waterside Dunkin’ Donuts has closed for good. Fret not, though: they launched two new locations just a few blocks away on Knapp Street.

But hot-damn, that’s not all! We’re hearing whispers that the landlord yanked D-n-D’s 99-year lease and is close to signing a contract with neighboring Liman. It would make sense; the Turkish seafood restaurant has been getting rave reviews in the city’s press and may be looking to grow its business. But that doesn’t mean Liman’s expanding – management declined to comment, but hinted that the new property wouldn’t be part of the existing restaurant. Hmm… maybe they read our list of businesses that Sheepshead Bay needs?

Anyway, we’re more curious what the neighborhood’s new-car-owning Russian high school kids are going to do without that parking lot to bum around in. Poor kids. Poor, poor kids. Daddy’s Maxima will never to come rest again…