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Golden-Sponsored Gun Bills Pass Senate, Increasing Penalties For Gun Crimes

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The following is a press release from the offices of State Senator Marty Golden:

The New York State Senate today passed two bills, sponsored by Senator Martin Golden (R-C, Brooklyn), to combat gun crimes and enhance penalties for gun crimes that endanger children.

“As a former New York City police officer, I have seen first-hand the fear and devastation caused by criminals with guns,” Senator Golden said. “People who use force to terrorize and prey upon others must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  The bills I am proposing would make our laws strong enough to make use of a firearm in the commission of a crime

The bills approved by the Senate would strengthen the penalty for displaying a gun in the commission of a crime and lengthen the sentence for criminal sale or possession of a weapon at a residence of a child or in the presence of a child.

“Criminals who use guns to commit crimes should be punished very severely, particularly if they illegally sell or possess a gun in the presence of children,” Senate Majority Leader Dean G. Skelos said. “These bills recognize the need for tougher charges and stronger penalties for gun crimes.”

Specifically, the bills would:

  • Amend the definition of criminal use of a firearm in the first degree to include displaying a firearm in the commission of any and all felonies, rather than just certain felonies.  The bill would upgrade all instances of criminal use of a firearm to a class B violent felony which carries a sentence of up to 25 years in prison (S.1407B).
  • Increase the sentence by an additional two and one-half years for the offenses of criminal possession of a weapon and criminal sale of a firearm when the offenses happen at the residence of a child under 14; and by an additional five years if a child under 14 is home when the crime takes place (S.2169A).
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  1. This is great but now lets work on some new laws or get rid of some existing laws that are just silly and make no sense for law abiding citizens that own or want to purchase firearms. 

  2. Fuck this, I call bullshit.
    You extend sentence because child lives in the same apartment? This is fucking crazy. Btw they using “child defense” today on gun sales, tomorrow on drug sales, and day after on something else.
    Btw look at that wording: “when the offenses happen at the residence of a child under 14” that means the child might not even know whats going on or realize what parents are involved in. Or what if a child is 3 months old? This bill is nothing more than another reason to add years to sentences.
    One more tool for prosecutor to use in negotiations.

  3. FABA and I agree and disagree. These bills are B.S. penalty increases and I’m disappointed that the Bean reposted the whole press release without providing context. I support microstamping and so does Golden’s opponent but Golden runs for the hills whenever it’s mentioned because he’d have to piss off his upstate supporter to vote for it.

  4. Microstamping is a horrible idea and a complete waste of money. I think the numbers are something close to $50 mil spent on a data base that only came back with 2 hits. They claim that stamping will get cops to the original owner of a gun sooner to be able to solve a crime. So what happens when a gun is stolen from someones car or home and used in a crime it gets you back to the original victim. They can spend that type of money on a lot of other things like man power to actually do police work. 

  5. Gun control is bunk. Polls show that most of America realizes that gun control is nothing but feel-good legislation.  New York is behind the trend.

  6. Yes, that is sort of irrelevant. Why not merely increase the penalty regardless of whether children are present or not. Are people denied the right to legally own a gun if they have children?

  7. What makes you think that cops know anything about gun control or are an authority on the subject? Whats your experience with guns to make any type of educated opinion?

  8. Having cops in my family, for starters. Knowing how to use guns. Just because there are some dimwitted cops doesn’t mean negate the fact that cops are aware of the fact that guns in the hands of people who lack the responsibility and emotional temperament to use them carefully is a dangerous potentiality.

    I don’t have guns presently. If you carry a gun, its because you intend on using it. You have no time for second thoughts.

  9. Criminals carry weapons with intent on using them. Law abiding citizens that want to carry weapons want to be able to protect themselves. How about people that lack the responsibility or emotional temperament to use cars, knives or even power tools. I didnt say cops being stupid had anything to do with them knowing anything about gun control. The only reason cops dont want people to have guns is because they want to be the only ones allowed to have them on their power trips. You having cops in your family or you knowing how to pull a trigger doesnt mean you know anything about guns. When seconds count cops are only minutes away. If a 17 year old kid can drive a 2 ton machine around in public then a law abiding tax paying citizen should be allowed to carry a gun no questions asked.

  10. I dont know what happened in that shooting but all the facts are not out yet. The only reason anyone knows about that shooting is because of the race card the media is playing. If it was white on white or black on black no one except for that city would know about it.  When the guy is convicted of something let me know. Why didn’t you use all the examples of cops being involved in bad shoots. The kid in Queens a few years ago or in Florida last year why they shot up the car in the street then tried to destroy video evidence that innocent people had. Is that ok because they were issued guns by the government and sworn to protect us. Maybe the the city should start charging people $400 for a permit to use the 1st amendment like they do with the 2nd or start searching homes randomly without warrants looking for nickle bags. I am not saying every single person should be able to carry but it shouldn’t be limited to rich people, politicians and their friends.

  11. The idea that police officers are more learned about guns than a civillian marksman is a folk-tale spread by urban liberals who are as unfamiliar with firearms as they are John Deere tractors.  The surest way to lower crime is the certainty of prompt arrest and swift conviction. Smart policing made NYC safer; neither Giuliani nor Bloomberg enacted draconian gun control laws during their terms. Yet, crime went down.


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