Golden Snubs Health Care Rally Outside His Office

The rally in outside State Senator Marty Golden’s Bay Ridge office yesterday afternoon gathered about 150 people at its peak. People present were largely from the State Senator’s district, and were hoping to have their voices heard. It was quite the sight, and the Senator missed it.

The 68th precinct had thoughtfully cordoned off the parking lane across the street from Senator’s Office, the sunny side. Right next to giant stinking piles of garbage, still waiting to be picked up.

These “Heathcare Superheroes” delivered the over 1500 petitions from Marty Golden’s constituents asking him to help get the NY Health Act (S4840) to a vote on the senate floor. It is currently at the Health Committee which Golden is a member of – they are hoping he will be their Healthcare Hero.

Photo by Vladimir Weinstein @vladweinstein

Petitions were delivered soon after the rally started, as Golden’s staff were in a hurry to close the doors early, and be gone by 5pm.

As soon as the petitions were delivered, the doors were locked and maybe by coincidence, a pair of community affairs cops were stationed by the doors.

The peaceful rally, organized by Fight Back Bay Ridge and South Brooklyn Progressive Resistance, gathered a mixed crowd, featured many thoughtful speakers, and seemed to resonate with people present as well as passers by. The skyrocketing costs of healthcare, need to change the doctors just about every time your insurance changes, the paperwork you have to deal with – people present were hopeful this may change.

In the speeches, there were shout outs to Congressman Dan Donovan, also a Republican representing Bay Ridge, for his position on the Affordable Care Act; and while it seems unlikely that the outgoing senator will change his mind, the organizers will have succeeded in something else – raising the public awareness that for New York affordable health care is a very real possibility.

Though not everybody was in support. An elderly Bay Ridge neighbor was shaking her head saying “This will never work. Why do you think all the Canadians, and Germans, and Danes come here when they are sick? They get Blue Cross and come here to be cured. Because their healthcare is terrible”. She then continued up a street lined with American flags still up from Memorial Day.

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  1. I don’t understand how our representatives can continue to ignore the very real need to take the PROFIT out of healthcare! S4840 would provide healthcare for all New Yorkers and would save 98% of us money. 1.5 million New Yorkers currently without any insurance plan! Senator Golden needs to stand up and put an end to the thousands of deaths that occur every year from preventable causes. Please call your senators and Cuomo and let them know you support this bill.

  2. Marty Golden’s office, despite his resistance to the bill and his desire to keep it in committee, is now tallying calls in support of NYHA, probably because of actions like these and the thousands of petition signatures that they can’t ignore. His office line is (718) 238-6044. You’ll be asked your address, so calls from constituents are important; however, as he’s on the committee, you can still call from outside to encourage him to bring it forward for a vote even if he doesn’t represent you. Just know that they might not care if you’re not a constituent when you call, and that you will be asked to provide an address in one of the zip codes Golden represents.

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