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Golden, Kruger Silent On Hydrofracking


I’ve written before about the controversial method of “hydrofraking” near New York City’s watershed, and the State Legislature has finally put the brakes on business proposals until it’s been thoroughly studied. Absent from the discussion, though, were Sheepshead Bay’s two state senators – Marty Golden and Carl Kruger. Here’s a report from the Bay Ridge Journal, with information drawn from Brooklyn Eagle.

The New York State Senate, in what has been called a historic move, has passed a bill, S8129B, temporarily halting natural gas drilling permits in the state’s watershed until May 15, 2011.

The moratorium is believed to be the first in the country.

The moratorium buys the state time to assess the risks involved in the controversial natural gas drilling technique called “hydrofracking” or “fracking”.

The state assembly is expected to approve its version of the bill, A11443, in September, officially enacting the moratorium.

State Senate Majority Leader John Sampson, a Democrat representing Brownsville, Canarsie and East New York, co-sponsored the bill, joined by Brooklyn Democratic Senators Eric Adams, Velmanette Montgomery, Kevin Parker, Diane Savino and Dan Squadron.

According to a poll taken by Senator Sampson, the majority of New Yorkers favor a ban on hydrofracking.

Democrat Carl Kruger abstained from the vote.  Republican Marty Golden was MIA.

Brooklyn Assembly Members Jim Brennan, Alan Maisel and Janele Hyer-Spencer support the Assembly version of the bill.

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  1. Fracking in the Marcellus Shale probably should not be allowed, anywhere. Nat gas is needed, but not at the possible dangers that fracking creates. There must be a better way to retrieve the gas without the dangers of fracking.

  2. hydrofracking should be outlawed. the chems the use (which they dont want to release what the are) causes your water (from your faucet) to become flammable. the human race is doomed (yes, i am mister gloom and doom, i dont think lifes going to get better… ever… corps will keep on getting more power and telling the slaves to shut up and pay them, and the sheeple are too dumb not too obey)


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