Golden Draws Feminist Ire For Seminar Teaching Women To “Walk Up And Down A Stair Elegantly”

State Senator Marty Golden will hold a class for professional women on “Posture, Deportment, and the Feminine Presence” in the workplace, angering women’s rights advocates who think women would be better served with good policy, not antiquated etiquette.

The taxpayer funded-event has caused controversy after Golden’s website promised to teach attendees how to “Sit, stand, and walk like a model” and how to “walk up and down a stair elegantly.”

“In these economic times, when so many people are out of work, and graduating with advanced degrees to set themselves apart in the workplace, events such as these are also important,” spokesman John Quaglione told City & State.

However, at least one feminist blogger is upset, especially in light of the senator’s vote against the Fair Pay Act, legislation designed to close the wage gap between male and female workers.

“The actual issues women face aren’t addressed by special classes on ‘the art of feminine presence’ and how to ‘walk up and down a stair elegantly,” writes Jill Filipovic, a blogger for Feministe. “Our political leaders should be focusing on necessary policy changes to make sure that all women are paid fairly and are able to succeed professionally… A 1950s-style etiquette class focusing on feminine charms rather than actual business acumen is insulting, regressive and wasteful.”

Democrat Andrew Gounardes, who is running to replace Golden this November, issued a press release criticizing the Senator’s priorities. “Somehow, in the year 2012, there are still women across New York who earn less than men do for the same work. It’s sad. It’s wrong. And it’s time for every one of us to stop looking the other way and to start doing something about it,” Gounardes said.

Golden has since removed references to how to “Sit, Stand and Walk Like a Model” and how to “walk up and down a stair elegantly” from the event listing on his website.

– Justin Santoro

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  1. how about a seminar for marty goldman on how to retire with grace and dignity

  2. I love Mad Men as much as the next vintage throwback hipsterish yuppie but that doesn’t mean I want my taxpayer dollars funding an effort to actually try to bring some of those values back! Between this and the Vagina word-banning guy in the Michigan legislature, it’s been a banner couple of weeks for old dinosaurs who are gasping their last breaths of antiquated “values”.

  3. The next seminar is for men on how address a lady; how to open a door for a lady; how to stand when a lady enters the room and how a man should conduct himself in the 19th Century.  
    Don’t worry people, we’ll get to the 20th century in a few years time when all these dinosaurs have retired.

  4. These skills are important you know. Women need to know things like how to walk with a book on their head, and how tight their sweaters should be to stand out from the other girls in the secretary pool. I certainly hope the seminar focuses on how to cover for your boss when he is out cheating on his wife, and how to fix him a nice, dry martini. 

  5. That was quick:
    “We’re sorry, your page could not be located.”

    Score one for common sense?

  6. Mr Golden’s “walk like a Model” classes are (or were) scheduled to be held at BAY RIDGE MANOR…which Mr Golden once owned but is now owned by his Brother.

    makes one go HMMMMMMMMmmmm

  7.  How can he justify spending tax-payer money on such an inane topic.  How about more useful topics like how to approach a job interview?

  8. I just love the new values of pants worn at the knees with underwear showing; performers who expose boobs and shoot each other; the kindness and civility we now show each other in everyday life; the selective use of censorship; the very nice language you hear on the street these days. My list can go on.

    I’m not condoning Marty’s senile idea. But to use it as a blanket indictment of “antiquated” values is just a very bad Strawman to knock down. Too bad that the new values of rudeness and inconsideration are so so cool these days.

  9. I look forward to Bites publishing the next insane idea of a local Democratic politician… Oh yeah , I forgot. That never ever happens. Uh huh.

  10. OMG! A rational, reasonable response without sarcasm or silly innuendos. A breath of fresh air!

  11. Are you kidding? Because we never cover an unflattering thing a Democratic legislator does? Seriously Bruce? 

    Pull your head out of your ass and stop with the constant “I’m a victim” nonsense you’re always whipping out. 

  12. Wah wah wah, boobs are showing. How terrible. 

    Also, fuck “civility.” Things were wonderfully “civil” back in the 1950s, when there were separate toilets for “colored” people, rape victims were blamed for “leading him on,” and all the queers were in the closet.

  13. How often does the New York Post slam Rethug politicians? Also, you’ve got most of the media on your side. (“Liberal media,” my ass… they’re corporatist.)

  14. from Goldens curriculum…

    “Just a jump to the left
    and then a step to the right
    you put your hands on your hips
    and pull your knees in tight”

    Lets do the time warp again  

  15. wow Golden hit the big time with this one, not only was he ridiculed locally and city wide but he made ALL the national news shows and many of the large nationwide blogs…  and a well deserved trouncing it was.  ooops I just dropped the book I was balancing on my head.

    Happy Independence day everyone!!

  16. Golden could have sponsored a ‘job skills’ class open to both men and women who may lack the habits and knowledge about simple things like the importance of showing up on time and how to dress for a business environment. Instead he tossed the public bone to a family owned catering hall and used a questionable agenda. Lots of bad decisions by a seasoned pol. 

  17. I really did have my head up my ass on this one, and deserve every bit the tongue lashing. You just published articles on Charles Barron and his insanity the other day and I’m too senile to have even remembered. My only excuse is the hard living (1 beer in 4 days) and jet lag from vacation.

        But don’t characterize me as a victim, I’m anything but, and will never work to consider myself as one.

  18. Come on. 80% of the media votes democratic in presidential  elections, and that’s documented. Maybe not liberal enough for a way-out progressive, but certainly left of center.

  19. Marty shoulda dumped this idea before he made it public. 
    Silence, in this case, was NOT Golden.

  20.  He’s just another corrupt politician. What do you expect. Just wait until the November elections, they are going to make Bush v. Gore look realistic. Have you seen the new ballots?…………..

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