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Golden And Other Local Pols Want To Give Gas Stations Tax Breaks For Generator Purchases

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State Senator Marty Golden is cosponsoring legislation that he believes would end the long lines for gasoline we saw following the events of Superstorm Sandy.

The proposed legislation would provide tax credits upwards of $15,000 for gas stations and other convenience stores for the purchase of generators that would keep stations running in the event of another mass power outage.

According to the press release, commercial-sized generators cost between $5,000 to $30,000 to purchase and install and cost an additional $8,000 a year to operate and maintain.

There are over 7,200 gas service stations in New York, and half of those are located in the city alone. Golden wants to ensure that when the power goes out for whatever reason, people will be able to refuel easily.

“A common sense solution like this will prevent the long lines, the arguments and give people peace of mind, knowing they will be able to get gas and subsequently travel,” Golden said.

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  1. Wouldn’t the business owner already know if that is a prudent decision? If generators would generate them money, why wouldn’t thy buy them? I’m sure a gas station owner could somehow manage to get a generator if they thought it made business sense. And if I owned a small grocery store, and saw how a generator would get me business when no one else had it, I would rush out and get one.

  2. ok but what if,,,,, what if theres a power outage at the gas hub, or the port? what if the gas station runs out of gas that is needed to keep its own generator running? ….. how many gas stations had power but were unable to offer refueling?

    how about instead of tax breaks for generators, you make the gas station owners educate its employees…. there were so many cases of “i dont know when we are getting gas” or even worse, promises of gas without a tanker showing up. or how about you limit the purchases of canisters of gasoline… when i was waiting for gas on a 3hr line, i saw the same 3 mexicans get on the 5 person “canister” line, call a bunch of their friends/family and keep purchasing gasoline for all of their cars, while everyone else was forced to refill from 1 pump.


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