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Going To Be Out Of Town On Election Day? Here’s The Info For Absentee Voting


The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition (FJCC) sent this over today, and it’s good advice. We know we have a lot of readers who are temporarily out of the area, either displaced because of Sandy or for other reasons. That doesn’t mean you have to lose your chance to vote in the upcoming elections. Here’s the information, coming via FJCC:

The NYC general election for Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate and local City Council races is Tuesday November 5th. For those who may not be available to vote on that day in person, the deadline to file for an absentee ballot is looming: this Tuesday October 29th.

The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, FJCC, is strongly urging all registered voters in Flatbush and elsewhere to vote this coming Election Day, November 5th. Recent elections have been won and lost by a margin of only a few votes. Elected officials take notice of those communities that vote.

If you or a family member will be out of town, are elderly or infirm, a student studying in Lakewood or abroad, or for any reason won’t be available to vote in person on November 5th, please make sure to fill out and send in an absentee ballot request postmarked by October 29th.

The Board of Elections will mail you an actual Ballot. That Ballot must be returned to the Board of Elections NO LATER then the DAY BEFORE Election Day.

To make a request for the ballot to be sent to you call the Board of Elections at 212.487.5400 or just print from their site:

Voting is a communal responsibility. When we vote, we win. Please Vote! We are all counting on you.

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  1. If you mean that there should be Internet voting (this being 2013), I agree.
    The problem, however, is how to make that verified voting. At least with paper ballots (coupled with optical scanning, for instance) there is accountability. Current no-paper-backup machines and Internet voting methods are unreliable and totally hackable.

  2. It says out of town or sick. Fine but Storobin’s people go from door to door with absentee ballot applications in Brighton Beach telling people who are not sick or planning to go anywhere, to fill it out since this is the only way to secure that their votes will be counted. New campaign, old tricks, Do you remember dead person signature on petition and few signatures on absentee ballots signed by Storobin campaign employee?

  3. idk how true it is, but i heard from the elderly grapevine in my building that many russian speaking voters are no fans of his.


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