Going Alfresco: Where To Dine Outdoors In & Around Ditmas Park

sycamore crawfish boil by Avi.G

With the sun starting to peek out from behind the clouds today and a high of 90 expected for tomorrow, it’s pretty safe to say that summer’s on its way.  To celebrate, here’s a list of great Ditmas spots where you can chow down in the great outdoors.

Within the Lines

  • Bar Chord (347-240-6033, 1008 Cortelyou Rd. between Stratford Rd. and Coney Island Ave.) doesn’t have a kitchen, but they do have a backyard–and are teaming up with food trucks on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays to bring a diverse array of goodies to patrons.
  • Cafe Tibet (718-941-2725, 1510 Cortelyou Rd. between Marlborough and E 16th Sts.) has a few tables and chairs outside for those who enjoy the sounds of trains rumbling by.
  • Cinco de Mayo (718-693-1022, 1202 Cortelyou Rd. on the corner of Westminster Rd.) is another spot with just a few tables outside, and a great place to watch the action at the fire house.
  • Purple Yam (718-940-8188, 1314 Cortelyou Rd. between Argyle and Rugby Rds.) has a lovely backyard for eating noodles, Chicken Adobo, or their Kalamansi Meringue Tart.
  • Picket Fence (718-282-6661, 1310 Cortelyou Rd. between Argyle and Rugby Rds.) has a backyard with umbrellas for the sun-sensitive.
  • Qathra (718-484-3322, 1112 Cortelyou Rd. between Stratford and Westminster Rds.) serves everything from salad to skirt steak around their backyard fountain.
  • Shenanigans (347-398-1905, 802 Caton Ave. on the corner of E 8th St.) doesn’t serve food, but their backyard is great for ordering in a burger to go with your beer.
  • Sycamore (347-240-5850, 1118 Cortelyou Rd. between Stratford and Westminster Rds.) welcomes takeout into their backyard, and holds delicious events like the Crawfish Boil earlier this month.
  • The Farm on Adderley (718-287-3101, 1108 Cortelyou Rd. between Stratford and Westminster Rds.) offers comfort food like meatballs and roast chicken in their backyard–and if you can’t get a table out there, one next to the huge folding doors inside is just as good.

Across the Border

  • Am Thai Chili Basil Kitchen (718-871-9115, 359 McDonald Ave. between Caton and Albemarle Rds.) is beloved for its food, not for its seating–but if you’re fast enough, you might get one of the two tables they put outside.
  • Hamilton’s (718-438-0488, 2826 Fort Hamilton Parkway between E 4th and E 5th Sts.) has Happy Hour 11am-7pm, Monday-Friday.
  • Le Paddock (718-435-0921, 1235 Prospect Ave. on the corner of Reeve Pl.) serves French fare like moules frites and escargot alongside brick oven pizza.
  • Thai Tony’s (718-436-6932, 3019 Fort Hamilton Parkway between E 2nd and E 3rd Sts.) gets raves reviews for its Pineapple Fried Rice, Chicken Green Curry, and Tom Kha Kai.

Did we miss any? Let us know, and we’ll add them to the scrumptious list.

Photo by Avi.G