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Go To Hell, Mayor Bloomberg: This Is Why We’re Angry

Left: The street Mayor Bloomberg lives on; Right: The street I live on

Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t get it. He’s urging patience, and seems somewhat bewildered that us yokels in the outerboroughs would even question why our streets don’t matter to the city.

When I ran a quote earlier today of Bloomberg saying, “The world has not come to an end. The city is going fine” – well, I was beside myself. I stewed for a bit, and began to wonder if I was being overly harsh on the city. It was, afterall, an enormous amount of snow dumped on us in a short amount of time.

But screw that.

The final straw was when BrooklynQ sent me the photo (above left) of the street Mayor Bloomberg lives on, perfectly plowed, almost as if it never snowed at all. On the right is my block, unplowed, and with every car under several feet of snow.

I’ve walked up and down my street several times today, and heard neighbors saying the same things: “Where’s the city? Where’s the Department of Sanitation? Where’s Mayor Bloomberg?”

It must be pretty easy to urge patience when you’re well taken care of. It must be pretty easy when every agency caters to your needs, paid for by our greenbacks. It must be pretty easy to shrug off our complaints, as if our contribution – in both taxes and the workforce – amount to nothing.

As of now we have no roads, no buses, no trains. Businesses remain shuttered. The sick don’t make it to the hospital.

People down here need to get to work, Mr. Mayor. The small businesses need people coming in and out. Neighbors need to feed their families, clothe their children and, yes, pay their taxes.

Enough of the snow job. Get the work done, Mayor Bloomberg.

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  1. My 83 year old grandmother needed to go to the hospital yesterday due to a possible hernia. Most the private ambulance firms were not responding so my mom called for a regular ambulance. It took them about an hour to get to my grandmother. I am glad my grandmother didn’t have anything more severe or things could have been a lot worse.

  2. You might in fact be a yokel if you can’t understand how resources are prioritized. I live in south Brooklyn but it’s obvious that Manhattan — as a commercial center — should be cleared before the outer boroughs. Especially small streets like the one you live on.

  3. The FDNY should have issued a city wide state of emergency. I don’t know what that really means but I think at the very least it would call upon people like myself with EMT experience to volunteer to reduce the 3 hour response time for critical cardiac arrest calls. I felt so useless despite having all my equipment on hand.

  4. On top of this, there is still no Q serving the nabe. And forget about the buses. What a disgraceful performance

  5. Perhaps it should be cleared as a priority over other boroughs, but it should not be the only one cleared, and it should not have to be completely cleared before main arteries in other boroughs are cleared as well.

  6. Perhaps it should be cleared as a priority over other boroughs, but it should not be the only one cleared, and it should not have to be completely cleared before main arteries in other boroughs are cleared as well.

  7. Are you some kind of idiot? Never before has the response to clean the outer boroughs been so slow. The Blizzard of Feb 2010 which is #4 on the top 5, and the 2006 Blizzard which is #3, had proper responses. Roads were salted and plows were out all night preventing major accumulation on arterial roads and even sweeping side streets every few hours.

    My block hasn’t seen a single plow. 2 fucking feet of snow in the middle of the street. This is bullshit. It doesn’t take 2 days to plow the fucking streets. All those plows that were in the city should be in the boroughs now, and they aren’t!

    Edit: And of course, you live in Manhattan! Go back to the city jerk!

  8. Are you some kind of idiot? Never before has the response to clean the outer boroughs been so slow. The Blizzard of Feb 2010 which is #4 on the top 5, and the 2006 Blizzard which is #3, had proper responses. Roads were salted and plows were out all night preventing major accumulation on arterial roads and even sweeping side streets every few hours.

    My block hasn’t seen a single plow. 2 fucking feet of snow in the middle of the street. This is bullshit. It doesn’t take 2 days to plow the fucking streets. All those plows that were in the city should be in the boroughs now, and they aren’t!

    Edit: And of course, you live in Manhattan! Go back to the city jerk!

  9. Who’s saying it’s the only thing cleared? I doubt they stop clearing at Manhattan’s borders.

    I agree that main arteries should be cleared in outer boroughs before small residential Manhattan blocks but I also don’t know if they’re doing it or not. Seems to me that main Brooklyn roads have been getting attention but it’s anecdotal. Do you have facts?

  10. Who’s saying it’s the only thing cleared? I doubt they stop clearing at Manhattan’s borders.

    I agree that main arteries should be cleared in outer boroughs before small residential Manhattan blocks but I also don’t know if they’re doing it or not. Seems to me that main Brooklyn roads have been getting attention but it’s anecdotal. Do you have facts?

  11. It’s simple logic and efficiency. More people from the outer boroughs come to work in Manhattan than the other way around. My residential street is completely snowed in but I’m at work today as are many other people.

  12. Exactly. Furthermore, the amount of snowfall down in Southern BK and Staten Island was enough to declare a state of emergency, allowing them to more efficiently utilize resources. There have been a lot of screw ups in various agencies, and ultimately the mayor failed to take this seriously and coordinate an effective response. Why? Probably because the “commercial center” was not at risk to anywhere near the same degree, so everything’s gravy in Bloomberg’s book. He has conveyed no sense of leadership or reassurance to residents down here, except simply to make us appear as if we’re alarmists. It’s not the end of the world? Tell that to someone who’s suffering a heart attack but can’t make it to the hospital. Tell it to someone who lives hand-to-mouth and won’t get a paycheck this week because he can’t go to work. Tell me about priorities then.

  13. No person is responsible for the weather. People die all the time due to extreme conditions, including those blocked from receiving medical help. This is reality. People are adversely affected by unforeseen and often uncontrollable circumstances.

    It’s sad how quick people are to flip their lids when things are tough. I don’t agree with all of Bloomberg’s policies but he’s a smart and accomplished individual. I’m sure some people would benefit from having smoke blown up their backsides but it’s likely he’s doing the best he can with what’s on hand. Mistakes will also be made but this is obvious to anyone with leadership experience.

  14. FDNY Commissioner Cassano asked that a snow emergency be declared, but was overruled by the Mayor and OEM COmmissioner Bruno. Bloomberg’s excuse was that doing so would havr required people to move their cars off snow emergency streets with no other palce to put them. But if 2 feet of snow does not constitute a “snow emeregency’ the phrase is meaningless.

    Now I dealt with Bruno when he was a judge, and he’s a decent guy. But this was the Mayor overruling the Fire Commissioner, and such safety decisions do not belong with the Mayor’s office. But it’s typical of this obnoxious tool who thinks he knows everything.

    The only upside; that “Bloomberg for President, he’s so competent!” meme has hit an iceberg, and hard. We have taken one for the team. Now plwo my street and get the buses ubstuck, asshole!

  15. The only facts I have are the pictures that we’ve all taken. Ocean Avenue, Ocean Pkwy, BQE, and many parts of the Belt were not even touched until today.

  16. Sunday during the day plows were circling like every 20 minutes all day long. Not much to plow at that point. Sunday eve it all stopped and nothing since then. I think there is more to this story. Something happened Sunday night to pull back the plows in Brooklyn.

  17. Because for some reason it wouldn’t let me put in Brooklyn, New York. I tried. The only option was “South Brooklyn, NY” which isn’t technically correct.

    I’m sure there will be some post-blizzard analysis and perhaps there were some serious mistakes made. If so, hopefully they’ll be penalized and corrected. Nonetheless, my original point was that the priorities do make sense to me. Even in past blizzards it was done in the same way although it did seem a bit faster then.

  18. Yes, Marty Markowitz summed it up on Fox 5 News today.
    He said the same thing, Sunday midnight and Monday morning.

  19. Bullshit John. They do not have the stuck ambulances and seniors that can not get out of their homes. Let their local sanitation handle Manhattan, we need ours here. If Manhattan needs more than trucks let Bloomie buy them. With our money which he is so good at wasting away.
    I wish him frozen in a mound of snow.

  20. I live in Manhattan and Bloomberg’s plows haven’t come down my block either. There’s also several abandoned cars, trucks, even tour/coach buses in the surrounding area. I live on Mott and Prince. I actually do the reverse commute into Brooklyn on the B/Q line and haven’t been able to make it to work for two days in a row now. My parents who live in the Bay haven’t seen a plow yet. NYC really dropped the ball and all the boroughs were screwed.

  21. I have seen two sanitation plows clean up Avenue X, and now plowing down West St. and West 2nd St. because they lead to the Belt Pkwy on ramps.
    I have also seen DOT vehicles and personnel come along to plow and tow stranded buses. Whoever is responsible for this, I am grateful for their work. Can’t shovel out my car now because there is 5 feet of snow now blocking me in, but at least the street is clear.

  22. At the risk of starting unverifiable rumors, I have been told by my father, who works for the MTA, that many of his colleagues in transit and sanitation have been staging a quiet protest in response to the general lack of overtime hours granted during this particular storm.

  23. A state of Emergency should have been declared BEFORE the snow fell.
    Main avenues would be clear of cars for plowing and emergency vehicles.
    Mistakes are made not stupid-obvious-persuasion.
    He is a smart cut-throat who is doing the best with everything WE have for his personal choices.
    This mistake probably cost lives.

  24. No, John, you just don’t get it. Unless you are being sarcastic. Maybe that’s it.
    Pull yourself together and go outside. Talk to people. Maybe you will get it.
    I give up.

  25. I don’t know how old you are or what you’ve been through living in Brooklyn.
    I’ve lived in Brooklyn all of my 63 years and have seen worse storms than this. This is by far the worst handling of a snowstorm since Lindsey was mayor. The second worst is not even close! Giving corporate Manhattan priority is, of course, the right thing to do. But to totally ignore everywhere else is criminal. I can see you’re a big fan of Bloomie, and thats your right but defending him in this instance doesn’t cut it.

  26. What do you think changes when they declare it as a state of emergency? I’m not going to get into your obvious beef with Bloomberg. The guy was a billionaire before he ever became mayor which already makes him more trustworthy.

  27. Are you seriously suggesting that we take our leaders, who we elect and pay and not hold them responsible when they don’t do their jobs in a satisfactory manner? Fuck that moral hazard. The city is capable of being mobilized and cleaned in an effective manner, and Bloomberg’s own administration did so in the past, but that does not give him a free pass on the clusterfuck that is this cleanup effort, or should I say lack of cleanup effort, is.

  28. I’m not a big fan and have said so. I’ve also said mistakes are likely to be made in any serious situation and if someone deserves to be punished then I hope it happens. I wouldn’t jump so quickly on the mayor as the main cause, though. To me the rumors of MTA and Sanitation workers intentionally slowing the response is a lot more plausible. You’ve heard “Never let a crisis go to waste.” when it comes to politics, right?

  29. That’s not what I said. The mayor is ultimately responsible but, last I checked, we don’t expect to see him outside driving a plow, right? By your own admission just now, Bloomberg’s administration has shown to be capable of cleaning in an effective manner. If they didn’t this time, what changed? Should ask yourself that.

  30. What changed? That’s for Bloomberg’s administration to answer,for me to question, and why we’re keeping the blame/responsibility/accountability on the Mayor.

    Don’t argue rhetorically, I’ve seen diversion strategies and talking points better used on fox news.

  31. Arthur, I agree with you about Feb. 2010 especially. That was only 10 months ago, and Blumberg was mayor then, too. Why so different this time??

  32. Arthur, I agree with you about Feb. 2010 especially. That was only 10 months ago, and Blumberg was mayor then, too. Why so different this time??

  33. Wow. Do you sincerely equate money with trust? My suspicion is that you are a troll. I hope that is the case. Otherwise, I’m not sure I can truly stand knowing that such intense stupidity lives in the same borough as me. This is not just for this particular post…I’ve read everything you’ve written here, and despite being well written, you are clearly a fucking brain donor. Please find something constructive to do, like going to bed.

  34. Wow. Do you sincerely equate money with trust? My suspicion is that you are a troll. I hope that is the case. Otherwise, I’m not sure I can truly stand knowing that such intense stupidity lives in the same borough as me. This is not just for this particular post…I’ve read everything you’ve written here, and despite being well written, you are clearly a fucking brain donor. Please find something constructive to do, like going to bed.

  35. I guess if you say I’m intensely stupid then it must be true. If I were a troll I wouldn’t be using my real name with a link back to my FB page but that would be obvious to anyone but someone intensely stupid. I also didn’t say that being rich means he can be trusted; there’s a nuance there you missed which again might’ve been obvious to anyone not intensely stupid. One major motive for corruption is financial gain. That motive is missing for Bloomberg hence he is, on the face of it, immediately more trustworthy than another politician for whom the motive exists. Make sense or are you too intensely stupid to understand?

  36. My post you replied to said the “mayor is ultimately responsible” so I’m not ducking that point, am I? Are you only able to focus on one person/point or is it possible to intelligently entertain other possibilities while we hope for more facts? I say hope because they don’t always come out.

  37. A troll doesn’t have to be anonymous. A troll just prefers to stir up trouble and enjoy the results. Sort of like an infant. An infant who thinks there is subtext where there is none, and then injects his own version of subtext AFTER getting called out on it. I’ve clearly hurt your feelings, and I’m not supposed to challenge the already mentally challenged, so I’ll leave you be. Like I suggested before, go to bed, and rest the brain that you’ve evidently taxed by attempting to sound intelligent in all of those posts/replies. I’ll stick with my original statement…you are intensely stupid.

  38. Hang on, gonna cry a minute…ok…no wait…ok much better now. What’ve you contributed to the topic? All you’ve managed so far is to fling turds like a monkey in a zoo and compliment my posts as sounding intelligent. Calling me intensely stupid doesn’t make me sad/stupid or you smart. All it does is show me you have no ability to argue logically. That makes you the troll.

  39. My Facebook profile says I live in Sheepshead Bay, NY, and my hometown is Sheepshead Bay, NY. So I don’t buy that.

    And sorry, I also don’t buy the idea that some areas get more priorities than others. That totally flies in the face of agreements that were made over 100 years ago when New York merged with the towns and cities that currently make up the other four boroughs.

  40. You don’t buy it? Try making your current city “Brooklyn, NY”. Sheepshead Bay isn’t a city. I changed it to Coney Island which also isn’t a city. They shouldn’t label it “current city” if it’s meant to be neighborhood.

    Really? So if it were up to you, how would you simultaneously clear every single street in every borough?

  41. Trustworthy means can be trusted. His financial gain is in everything he owns and has stock in. Including people in his pocket.
    From your facebook pics you seem like an average, nice, fun loving guy.
    That does not make you smart. I am starting to think you missed meds today.

  42. Theres a great deal of arguing and bickering.. which i’m not going to get into. Usually i’ve been a supporter of bloomberg but in this case I agree with the poster.

    The state of the streets around the bay is disgraceful! Since i couldnt work again today I took a long walk around the area. The side streets are mostly not plowed. Busses are left stranded. People can hardly walk nor cars travel safely. Two days without snow now and the cleanup has hardly been touched.

    I dont know much but I know this.. I’ve now missed two days of work. Thats two days that i’m not going to get paid for. I stood out on a street corner like an idiot freezing for 50 minutes this morning because it was uncertain if a bus was going to show up so I could get to the 2 train and go to work. Only this afternoon was the lists of busses not running posted. (The issue with the MTA is not bloombergs fault but the lack of clean streets doesnt make it any easier.) I spoke to an MTA worker at the sheepshead station who said the busses arent running because a great deal of the streets are impassible and a large number of the fleet is still out on the streets stranded.

    In the past I can clearly recall plows coming as soon as the flakes started coming and continuing thru-out the night in a steady manner. The next day the streets and sidewalks were still slick and slushy but busses were able to get people to trains and people were able to get to work – all be it at a reduced speed.

    I dont understand why this wasn’t the case this time around. If plows had been running thru the night less vehicles would have been stranded on streets and a faster clean up would have been possible once snow started. I can’t recall hearing all by one plow this time the whole night. My boyfriend suggested that in order to find cleaner streets this time you can just follow the money – looks sad but true here.

    Incidentally, That same MTA worker I mentioned above told me that the Q/B trains were not going to be working in the morning… that he guesstimated Thurs/Friday perhaps but he wasnt sure… I can’t afford to be out another day of work. So tomorrow i’ll be heading out extra early to walk down nostrand 8 slushy blocks to get to Avenue U where supposedly the B3 is running.. take that to the F train.. and from there (somewhere) to the 1 train. I hope eventually to get to work. Sigh.. i’m exausted already.

  43. That’s Facebook. You have to be clever to work your way around it.

    Guess what, it’s been done in storms worse than this one. They even have more equipment now.

    But the worst aspect is the arrogance and the perception that is created that only Manhattan matters. That is not acceptable.

  44. Ahh, more insults. If I were a troll this would be a feeding frenzy. What does “more trustworthy” mean? Does it mean “absolutely worthy of trust”? Do you really believe Bloomberg became mayor of NYC so he could make more money?

  45. I did work around it by initially leaving it “New York, NY” which is at least technically correct.

    No, simultaneous cleaning of streets without prioritizing has never happened nor will it until all streets somehow become self-clearing. You can’t clean everything at the exact same time. If you disagree with that then I don’t see a point in going beyond it.

  46. Are you sure you even live in Brooklyn?

    In February of this year there was a snowstorm worse than this one. The streets in all parts of the city were cleared in a reasonable amount of time, with no so called prioritizing. This current situation is not acceptable.

  47. Are you out of your mind? I do hope that you have a nice trip and fall into one of the narrow passages such as the ones on Coney Island Avenue I saw today. How dare you!
    Your information is sorely lacking in truth. I know someone who lives in Manhattan that told me today that the streets are often just as bad as the hellish scene below taken on Coney Island Avenue today. Most Manhattan residents can’t get a bus much less board one if they can reach it for all the mounds of snow blocking the sidewalks and streets.

  48. You weren’t talking about “reasonable amount of time”. You said street cleaning shouldn’t be prioritized which is silly. Of course they’re prioritized, always; everyone knows that. For instance, they do main streets before small side streets. Does that not make sense to you?

  49. Kingberg doesn’t have to respond to the voters or any NYC resident that’s why he can spout all this bullshit! It’s unacceptable to all of us but he doesn’t care.

    Well, the Q train still isn’t running so I guess I’ll have to cancel that Broadway show trip that he suggests we all enjoy. Hah!

  50. We’ve gone past a reasonable amount of time. Yesterday afternoon afternoon would have been a reasonable amount of time. I suppose that means no prioritizing certain areas over others.

    You’re trying so hard to be right. You’re missing the larger point.

  51. I totally agree with the article! my street, avenue x and east 13th, has still not seen a plow yet!!!!! it’s 2 days after the snow stopped, where are the plows????? City screwed up bigtime, and this is only the beginning of the winter…. Bloomberg, its time for you to take your walking papers, and walk, far away.

  52. I recommend we all go down to City Hall tomorrow and throw snowballs at their windows. Better still, pelt his East 79th townhouse with em!

  53. How can people get to Manhattan if the transit service can’t get them there? Unless you have a car and good luck navigating the streets leading into Manhattan.

  54. We have been discussing the larger point. That is the entire point of the article.

    And the larger point is-New York is more than just Manhattan.

    And in a bit of ironic illustration, you can’t even make Brooklyn your current city.

  55. If you understood the meaning of irony you would recognize that Brooklyn not being an option for Facebook’s “Current City” field might illustrate its lack of importance. I checked and “Manhattan, New York” is in fact an option.

  56. My co-worker (Sheepshead Bay) and I (Coney Island) both made it to work today via the subway. I understand that it’s not possible from all locations but I feel like we’re all a bit spoiled. “OMG two days and everything’s not back to normal!”

  57. Exactly what I was getting at. Except that some of us don’t think so. Especially those of us whose grandparents were alive when Brooklyn was a city separate from New York, and always called consolidation “The Mistake of’ 98”.

    You should move to Manhattan. You must feel terrible living in this insufferable backwater.

    We’ve reached the end.

  58. The Mayor (Bloomberg) laid off more than 9,000 thousand workers since spring of 2010. What do the rich (top 1-2% and corporations) and lower-middle class workers expect? Services? From the April, 2010 date of the layoffs, and continuing, you can expect to provide your own CPR services (pump your own heart), fire, 911, EMS, teachers, garbage, snow removal, parks, social service (and other services) to yourselves. That is the price you pay. Taxation, without services. Congratulations GOP! Keep bashing those public service workers and unions!

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announces budget cuts …
    Nov 18, 2010 … NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to reduce the budget …. Lay off for one week 641 Street Maintenance and Arterial … – Cached

    (also, see blog from April, 2010 laying off 8,000 workers)

    By the way, Manhattan is far from cleared, only 79th Street was cleared, the mayor’s street. . . .

  59. There was obviously a screw up in the administration of this situation, most likely involving DSNY. However, Bloomberg is the guy in charge, and therefore, responsible for everything that happened. If he can’t properly oversee the cleanup of NYC in an efficient and effective manner, as he has done in the past, then he is slipping, or no longer has the respect and loyalty of his staff and those under him, which itself speaks volumes for how good he is at what he does.
    I can’t say winning another term has gone to his head exactly, but as a resident of Brooklyn, and someone who was born and lived in Brooklyn most of my life, I can tell you that in my lifetime, this is the worst any blizzard or storm was ever handled.
    What Bloomberg should have done, and through experience as a CEO of a large corporation he should know this, is take proactive measures immediately to find out why DSNY was not acting in accordance with his plan. However, from past experience, I recognize that Brooklyn isn’t exactly his favorite borough and he will always deem it as a place far beneath him.

  60. I just added this comment to the Crains New York website. Comments anyone?

    Dear Mr. Mayor and his hatchet man Goldsmith:

    Are you happy now? Your arrogance and egotism has cost the good people of New York City so much aggravation in the last three days. Maybe it’s time you stop pretending that you’re God and start listening to what the people want. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT…………………. God bless you FDNY, EMTs, NYPD, Department of Sanitation, the employees (not the lying pieces of garbage) of the MTA and all other government workers who do their best under these horrific circumstances.

  61. Sorry John. Corruption isn’t always motivated by financial gain. It’s also motivated by egotism – which is the mayor’s problem. Mr. Third Term before and Mr. I Support Term Limits Now. Think about it…………. Really.

  62. The situation is absolutely outrageous, inept management. Really, what is the city council going to do except chronicle the event? Where may I ask is the accountability in this situation? Certainly exorbitant taxes, parking tickets, continuing layoffs, increased transit fares (and deteriorating) service and every other fee designed to truly erode the NYC tax base and get residents running out of NYC screaming have been employed – hasn’t all this provided enough money to get the job done? It wasn’t a surprise storm…it was well forcasted.

  63. Corporate Manhattan should have priority. But I just saw on TV trucks loading every last ounce of snow in Rockefeller Center to be dumped in the Hudson River. Now why would you do that when at least 50% of Brooklyn streets are still impassable? Total mismanagement of resources.

  64. Manhattan wasn’t unfairly prioritized. Midtown was. People on the Upper West Side claim their side streets also have not been cleaned. They are making Midtown immaculate for the tourists before clearing side streets for the residents because Bloomberg’s priorities have always been the tourists and big business over the needs of residents. That is part of the problem.


    fuck bloomberg, fuck the MTA, fuck the sanitation…and please, fuck me! i could use a good diddling

  66. Bloomberg is clueless. Snow Emergency Streets such as Coney Island Avenue exist for a reason, to keep the street open for emergency vehicles. If the storm doesn’t come as a surprise, and this one certainly didn’t, you declare a snow emergency the day before the snow arrives to give people time to move their cars off those streets. That’s the way it has always been done in the past, so the main streets are kept open the entire time for emergency vehicles. You get to the secondary streets when you can, usually within 24 hours.

    To show how clueless Bloomberg is, he goes on TV and explains that he didn’t declare a snow emergency because too much snow already fell and the people would have no place to move their cars. As a result, snow emergency streets aren’t cleared, cars, buses and emergency vehicles get stuck and the snow plows can’t even get through. This has a “snowball effect” that halts all bus service and makes life hazardous for all. Menorah Home at the tip of Manhattan Beach was inaccessible for 24 hours. What if someone needed an ambulance?

  67. i’ve been around a long time, thru many blizzards going back to the early 60’s. With the exception of the Mayor Lindsay 1969 fiasco, I have never seen such bad work done clearing the streets of Brooklyn as this one. There are still many busses in the S. Bay area that were stopped at major intersections, blocking traffic (this is 8:30pm TUESDAY).
    By the way, why were so many buses abandoned while making right turns? Is the MTA contract up, are those lazy incompetent bums making a point? Oh yes, they need MORE benefits. yes.

  68. that was the nightmare scenario i was thinking about concerning my own 82 year old mom. Glad your situation turned out well.

  69. Walder is very careful about approving overtime hours, but sometimes like this it is just plain necessary. If it turns out that that is the reason why the response has been so slow, then I hope both the mayor and the MTA Chairman admit it and have learned their lesson.

  70. John, i normally agree with you. People always have to blame SOMEBODY for every accident that occurs (probably so they can sue, of course).

    But, i have never seen such slow work as this blizzard. My gosh, it’s 8:30pm and there’s STILL abandoned buses blocking major intersections of Sheepshead Bay (Avenue Z and Nostrand is one example, West 5th and Neptune another). How can this be? I never ever saw buses abandoned in this way. It seems to me that it was done intentionally.

    I’d like to see more written about why buses were abandoned where they could wreak the most havoc.

  71. I wonder if it has anything to do with Bloomberg cutting 400 DSNY jobs. I live on E 12 St. One block from the Belt. On the south side of the Belt is the local firehouse. My street always got cleared because it is a direct route to Ave Y and streets north, even if they do go against the traffic. It is also a direct route back to the fire house. I was last out at 6pm and still no plows.

  72. I was on the upper west side today, 70th to 81st Broadway to the park; The upper east – Bloomberg’s neighborhood (70th and Fifth) and walked down to 57th and Park then across to Columbus Circle (59th and Broadway)

    The cleanest street in the whole area – anyone care to guess? East 79th between Fifth and Madison. Gee? Who lives at 17 East 79th? Why – it’s Mayor Mike! What a pleasant surprise.

    Now streets in the UWS are plowed and passable. Streets in the UES are plowed and passable. Are they spotless – no.

    Spotless streets are reserved for the tourist areas and Mikey’s house.

  73. ’69 fiasco was relevant only for Eastern Queens. Brooklyn’s snow was removed.

    Don’t make accusations unless you know for sure. If the bus service isn’t back to normal by tomorrow, then I may start to believe you.

  74. Same reason why the Number 6 train is the cleanest, because that’s the line Mike rides. He judges the entire system by that line and the stations it passes. He has never seen all the dirty stations with peeling paint.

  75. But how long exactly do you think this is acceptable? The storm was Sunday and two days later, going on three days on Wednesday there are streets all over where not a single plow has been – they are completely untouched. Buses aren’t running, cars can’t get out, delivery trucks can’t get to stores and emergency vehicles can’t get around. It’s gone on way too long.

  76. I saw the same pattern of prioritizing when I was stuck in the ‘burbs during the storm. The main roads of a small wealthy town were cleared immediately, but the further-out side roads had to wait until Tuesday afternoon for a plow. Same time frame as experienced by parts of the boroughs — and suburban towns are much smaller areas to cover!

  77. The teens in my area just parked themselves @ an intersection and waited to make $ pushing stuck cars. That’s why you could not find any to shovel the walks.

  78. Ambulances can’t move.

    But we have our priorities all wrong. Only Manhattanites are worthy of prompt health care. We are just a bunch of “illogical whiners”. (So sayeth John David Skolnick) We fail to see the logic in the proposition that some people are far more important than the individual who needs this ambulance.

  79. Astoria Queens is still waiting to get dug out. Day two after the storm and no sanitation has come to plow the streets. I thought the rules were 4 hours after the storm you have to remove the snow from the sidewalks and streets.

  80. Yes, Thank you. Deliveries of every kind are not getting through. Pharmacy’s and folks with disabilities or in need of home care and therapy all are on the losing end.

  81. Just drove past the Sanitation depot on Knapp St. It is filled with trucks with plows. It seems that the plows are waiting for workers to drive them. Even saw a truck with a plow that seemed like it has not moved all day.
    Seemed a little odd since I drove by a lot of side streets that have not even been plowed once. I guess I can’t complain too much since my street was plowed even though it would be considered a tertiary street.

  82. I have a job where I deal with the public. One axiom that comes to mind from this experience when I see this character here on these pages is: There’s always one.

  83. One what? I don’t know what kind of job you have, your blog only mentioned you applying to be a “General Office Specialist” for 11.44/hr back in August. (I hope you got it, the job market is tough.) In any case, your point of view might be a bit…predisposed. After all, you have a blog where you rant about Republicans and Corporate America. I’m thinking you don’t need any facts to KNOW who’s at fault, right?

  84. I live on the Upper West side and, as of late last night, there are nearly no crosstown streets plowed in this neighborhood. I love the snow, so I didn’t mind, but none of the sidewalks have been shoveled, we have severe intersection lakes, that cannot be crossed and only the most major thoroghfares were plowed. I’ve seen more than one abandoned car in the middle of a street, that couldn’t make it through the storm. It’s not just the borroughs, but all residental neighborhoods.

    PS – This is a lot of whining people – I thought NYers were hardier than this. It’s just snow people – it will melt.

  85. So city residents should have no expectation of a reasonable quality of life? And that businesses should take priority over human lives? Tell that to the people waiting three hours for an ambulance, pal. Tell it to the grandmother who needs to go to dialysis or she’ll go into renal failure and die. Tell it to my wife with a high risk pregnancy who might need to go to the hospital at a moment’s notice. Tell them they need to be “prioritized.” Go ahead.

  86. That’s what I’m thinking. I figure they would have authorized overtime to lower the backlash of the lack of snow removal.

  87. Chicago handles weather like this on a routine basis. Chicago can plow all its streets within twenty-four hours of a storm like this. Why should New Yorkers settle for less?

  88. This is the worst part. Unplowed side streets and not being able to get to work are a huge inconvenience, but you’d think streets that are access routes for ambulances and fire trucks would get higher priority!!!

  89. And a buddy of mine at DSNY was forced to stay home even though he wanted the overtime. He was very willing to work and would have been able to get to his location. Anecdotes never give the whole picture.

  90. “do not buy the idea that some areas get more priorities than others”
    Sounds to me the concern is how they were prioritized,
    The smartest this you spit out of your mouth hole was how when you got home from work,,,,,,,Did you see what we are whining about?
    No forgetting or remembering the past ‘eh.

  91. How would you like it if the pharmacy could not get a loved ones medicines and they died waiting for an ambulance to get down the block.
    Did you physically help any strangers today or just talk shit?
    Did you see if a neighbor need food or shopping, help shovel a walk or car out?
    Not today, you had to much fun busting balls.

  92. The second plow since the storm just went down E 12 St, first one went thru about 24 hours ago, yet the pedestrians in NYC are complaining about the puddles on the corner. Thanks Mayor Bumble, guess that’s why I didn’t vote for the one Borough Mayor!

  93. You’re the one essentially saying that people’s lives should be prioritized, sir. You tell me how you would prioritize.

    It comes down to quality of life. And you are saying that if you own a business in Manhattan, you have more of a right to a certain quality of life than someone who lives in an apartment building in Queens or Brooklyn. And that in my opinion is as morally and ethically bankrupt as one can be.

    But to answer your question: I would plow a primary road, a secondary road, and a tertiary road. I would also declare a snow emergency to help keep cars off the streets. I would authorize overtime for all city workers willing to help clear the snow. I would make sure that people would be able to get to hospitals and to receive essential services as needed, and that means plowing every damned street as fast as it can be done, and re-plowing them and re-salting them until such time as they no longer need attention.

    Finally: It’s been 48 hours, Manhattan has had its attention and has been told it is a pretty pretty princess. The boroughs are still largely screwed. Tell me, genius: Why is that? What method of “prioritization” is at work here, exactly?

  94. What if there’s some sick little old lady on that tertiary road? You just killed her because of your soulless prioritizing away from her home. You monster.

    I’ll tell you, genius, I don’t know and don’t pretend to know. It’s others here that seem to have all the answers before they have facts.

  95. The comparison is entirely apt, and I’ll tell you why:

    NYC also has a larger operating budget, more manpower, more plows, and a Mayor who prides himself on how efficiently his city is run. If Chicago can do it, we should be able to do it as well.

    To say that we are incapable is to admit that New York City, for all its touting of itself as the greatest city in the world, cannot do what the corrupt, teeny tiny little “Second City” can do.

    You only say the comparison is unfair because it pokes a hole in your argument.

  96. I accept there is more merit to the comparison but what does it actually poke a hole in? I’ve acknowledged this is taking too long just as I’ve said I’m unsure why and prefer to wait for facts.

  97. I will answer your question even though you did not answer mine.
    I would have been happy if a snow emergency was declared before the storm got here. You have asked what difference that would make and in my previous post I said…Cars would not be parked there so plows could properly plow. Which means every street/avenue that has a sign that reads NO STANDING DURING SNOW EMERGENCY would be clear. Am I not making that point clear?
    There are still unplowed/unsalted streets all over. No plows or salt, just snow,
    When they did plow the did not shovel they leveled because there is nowhere to pile the snow. Like the mounds they used to make on Ocean Avenue for example.
    If it was handled properly within 24 hours things would have been much easier to travel.

  98. The wife and I were in Manhattan for a concert this evening. Traffic was slow, but the streets were passable. THEN, we came home (we live in Midwood, but I grew up in Sheepshead Bay) and found Avenue I a mess and Avenue H a total disaster. People parked their cars on the Ocean Parkway median. There has been a B11 bus STUCK at the stop westbound on Avenue I and Ocean Parkway. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!

  99. Same thing around Ave U they just double park their cars and leave them there…. Are you Serious….. Ehhhh tootsie your not using your brain.

  100. Running is a loose term since I had walked from Ave U (Q) station to the F Ave U station at 7pm without seeing a single westbound bus because traffic was at a standstill east of CI ave. Although there were 4 east bound b3s stopped along the way.

  101. The arrogance and smug attitude of Bloomberg totally ignoring the danger and extreme inconveniece of not clearing a large amount of streets in the all the boroughs except Manhattan is deplorable. There is no excuse He wont even admit that there is a problem with the response. does he think New Yorkers are stupid. It reminds me of Bush’s reaction to Katrina. He has no humanity. He thinks he is king that his money can give him the right to do anything he wants including denying vital services to this great city. He finally went to far. Maybe he wants to bring in his own private sanitation company since the NYC sanitation wasent capable with layoffs and cutbacks on overtimes On a positive note this lack of reaction assures that he will not buy another election because his approvals ratings will never recover. I hate our narsistic mayor Mike. I hope people will get it by his latest action he dosent care about the people of this city. As a teacher I know he dosent care about the children either it all about his pocket period. Mayor Bloomberg your a disgrace

  102. It’s funny because if anyone is acting like a troll in here it’s you. Calling people stupid, brain donors, an infant, mentally challenged, and again calling them stupid, etc. is the perfect sign of a troll. You’ve sounded like a troll since your first reply.

  103. No
    Bloomberg is in charge he is to blame. He had plenty of warning he just didnt care. I wonder how many people died due to his lack of action.

  104. Ned
    I think you are being naive. This man has changed laws that were put in place for a reason. He bought the city counsel so that he can change term limits for himself. He forced the NYC school system to except a chancellor who wasent qualified no teaching credentials. He bought that as well. Mayor Bloomberg thinks he is above the law and will buy what ever and who ever he wants to increase his pocket ,period. No one has stopped him yet. He gets away with everything. When most of streets in Brooklyn Queens Staten Island and the Bronx havent been plowed at all in all in over 48 hrs after a storm he is is to blame. We are not living in Rawanda there is no excuse if people die or are seriously hurt he is to blame

  105. Oh please tell me you’re not a teacher. I know this doesn’t provide anything germane to the topic, but the misspellings, syntax and grammar are unforgivable for someone allegedly educating the students. Ned, please don’t ban me. I’ll keep my yap shut from this point forward, but this had to be said. If it helps, I will say that I agree with shelly’s overall content- that smug, self righteous little prick is not redoubtable, regardless of his title and billions.

  106. I realized there were quite a few grammatical errors I made, after I published what I wrote. I should have proff read. I do know how to use grammar correctly. When I am angry I just start typing about how I feel without paying attention to grammar. I am an excellent teacher. I am not an English teacher, obviously. My apologies. Well at least you understood my arguments. By the way there is no spell check here. I always tell my students to proof read I should set an example. That said, I agree, prick is a good word to describe him.

  107. A good friend of mine who works for DSNY told me that since Mayor Bloomberg laid people off, put a hiring freeze, and some employees just recently retired, there is not enough man power in the outer boroughs. Manhattan does have enough, yet he summoned the Sanitation employees of the outer boroughs to Manhattan. Also a lot of the snow plowers broke down and these workers were left in their trucks for as long as 12 hrs before they were helped.

  108. No doubt, a very bad way to handle things. All kinds of rumors are circulating, instead MB is just talking out of his ass – “back to normal”? I did not see normal today – and I’ve been digging all day.

    My street too is not cleared, but at least a plow passed twice, so with a little bit of ice, we will get it moving tomorrow. I suggest to those of you, neighbors, who can – and care about where you live – grab a bag of salt tomorrow, shovel, do something. It does not look like we are getting any help from the city, looks like we are on our own.

  109. Now I am not just angry. I am depressed. What a horrible shame. This was preventable Bloomie. Snow Emergency BEFORE the snow falls.

  110. Ever stop and think, one street is a much ore busy street. If you dont like it, then become mayor, if you dont want to be mayor, then start a citizen task force, other than that, shut the fuck up, and get out there and start shoveling..time waits for no man.

  111. […] Go To Hell, Mayor Bloomberg: This Is Why We’re Angry – Left: The street Mayor Bloomberg lives on; Right: The street I live on Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t get it. He’s urging patience, and seems somewhat bewildered that us yokels in the outerborough… DianeRavitch This Week In Education: Thompson: Fact-Checking the LA Times – Someone needs to introduce reporters Jason Felch et. al at the Los Angeles Times to the hyperlink concept. They are trying to soften the paper’s latest attacks on teachers by praising Park Elementa… DianeRavitch Top Books of the Decade : Education Next – The first issue of Education Next was published in February 2001. In our inaugural issue, we described our goal as “giving voice (without fear or favor) to worthy research, sound ideas, and respons… DianeRavitch – New York City Historical Snowstorms & Blizzards – Biggest New York City Snowstorms – Historical Snowstorms1 Impacting New York City2Massive disruptions to transit systems; wind gusts to 70mph in Suffolk County; over 30″ of snow in parts of NJExtensive damage & power outages from we… […]

  112. I know calling a snow emergency on Christmas would have inconvenienced a lot of people Mayor. But the rest of us would still be alive. It’s not like there is no inconvenience now. Put another nail in your coffin to hell.

  113. Ethan I have an eight in rod in my spine. The surgery is less than two years old.
    I HAVE been shoveling. I shoveled and helped others. I do not want to be Mayor (even though I would be a better mouth for the people) and I do not want to shut the fuck up.
    He screwed up royally and killed people in the process. Snow Emergency, before the snow falls. Does anybody get that?

  114. I live in Seagate, located in Southern Brooklyn, at the end of Coney Island. There is not a bus running to transport people to the train station at Stillwell Avenue, although Surf Avenue was cleared. People have to walk about 20 blocks to get to a train. Side streets have not been plowed. My community looks like a war zone and it is Wednesday and we still have had no services. This is a disgrace. Shame on the City-Dept. of Sanitation and our belligerent Mayor!!!

  115. Same thing in Gerritsen Beach. It snowed on Sunday. It’s Wednesday and not a single plow has been down the block. We haven’t gotten mail since last Friday. The delis are out of most food. Bloomberg doesn’t care, he never cared, he never said he cared. He has always looked down on the middle class. I have no idea why anyone likes this elitist jerk. But someone voted him in again. And yes, that would by and large be the middle class voting against their own self interests again. So here you have it. Maybe they will vote him into a forth term or make him president.

  116. No buses in Sheepshead Bay. I live near Nostrand and Z.. No buses, B & Q not running.. Had to take my mom to F on McDonald and X. Some people walked – it is 30+ block walk. This is ridiculous.

  117. Um, Mayor Bloomberg makes one buck a year. He pays lots of taxes and gives generously to many causes. So give me a break

  118. a state of emergency was declared in New Jersey. it should have been declared here too so we could have some outside help from agencies other than the corrupt MTA (4 days later and STILL no Q and B train? because of a little snow?? really?) and the DOT on their mini-strike. Let’s not forget 400 Sanitation employees that were laid off a few months back. I live on Ocean Pkwy by coney island hospital and have yet to see a snow plow. all i have seen are stalled buses and ambulances strewn about. if you think that this response has been “normal” and that they are doing the best they could then you’re either not terribly bright or don’t live and work in this city. There is NO reason anybody could give me for it being Wednesday and the last snow falling on Sunday and major roads in Brooklyn are STILL not being taken care of.

  119. Oh please, you are just making a fool of yourself with such a rant. If you live on a major commercial street with four lanes and a bus route that thousands, repeat thousands, of vehicles cross each day on their way to and from the city’s commercial heart, you are going to get plowed long before some tiny quiet street in Brooklyn with one tenth as many residents. It’s not that you don’t matter, it’s just triage. The only outrage here would be if your street was plowed and E79th St was not — that would be a true waste of my tax dollars. I live on a quiet street myself and have no problem with the price for that quietness being a low priority on the snowplow list. I shoveled 4.5 hours before and after work on Monday and it was great. Enjoy the snow, and leave the rich-mayor politics out of it.

    Now, if you want to beat up the incompetent MTA for their terrible planning and operations, that is a different matter.

  120. Perhaps I should send our mayor a bill to cover the body work that’d have to be done on my car, which was hit last night by some idiot trying to drive on the snow covered road.

  121. No offence but.. except for Gerritsen Ave … snow plow will not go through on any other street there. They are just too narrow, besides I bet people just dropped their cars there in the middle of the road.. so .. how can you clean? And simple fact that 400 sanitation workers were layed off over the summer is not going to help ether.

  122. Can you explain what commercial center on 79th street requires the street to be plowed?

    My tax dollars in brooklyn don’t go towards clearing the roads for “commercial centers” in manhattan. Perhaps those commercial businesses should plow their own roads so my tax dollars can be used to plow my street?

  123. Looks like our street in Far Rockaway, Queens. I could accept the mayor’s premise that this is normal after a big storm, except that we have never had such a long wait after previous big storms. In the past, plows were working during the storms to keep main streets clear and then could do the side streets pretty soon after the storm was over. FOr this one, the only plows visible were in Manhattan.

  124. Alanna, I don’t know where you live on the UWS, but I was in W 70 to W 81 from Broadway to the Park yesterday and your streets are plowed. You sidewalks overall are cleared.


  126. Really? Well I bet your grand folks liked snow, but that is besides the point, point is.. where are u now? some… villisville? in the middle of nowhere? enjoy it.

  127. The unions must be the ones who didn’t order sanitation equipment positioned at different strategic points just before the storm (as they’ve always done in the past).

    The unions must also be the ones who didn’t order wheel chains to be put on EMS and MTA vehicles (causing them to get stuck).

    The ones prohibiting overtime – you guessed it, unions. And not just one union – Uniformed Firefighters Association must have conspired with Uniformed EMS Officers Union, Transport Workers Union and Municipal Labor Committee, among others!

  128. THAT IS NOT OKAY! I’ve seen the stories on the news; people giving birth on the streets! anyone ever heard of state of emergency!??

  129. Didn’t say it was running normal, just that it was running. Getting on is another matter, LOL! This morning I had to wait for 8 buses, before I could finally get to the F

  130. It is time for the Mayor step down. He should resign. He, in his mismanagement of this Not Record Breaking storm, had cause, indirectly, many deaths. As much as he would like his Commish of Sanitation to fall on his sword, it is time for His Honor to do the same for the foolish people who voted for the Mayor to continue.

  131. Which is more important, keeping businesses open when people can’t get to them or opening local streets so that emergency vehicles can keep people alive.

  132. Realistically, though:

    1) sanitation equipment was not spread out just before the storm (like it was done in the past);

    2) equipment itself was unprepared – including both EMS and MTA vehicles (wheel chains?);

    3) very limited overtime was allowed – contrast that with a State of Emergency operations that could have been declared.

    None of the above is a fault of a union.

    Oh, and B36 is running today (albeit slowly).

  133. Hey, you’ve got it all wrong. Bklyn is not the stadium where the Jets or Giants play. Ergo why should we pay folks $9 or $10 bucks an hour to remove snow for the common people. Who cares about commerce in Bklyn. Obviously our Mayor does not.

  134. He makes a dollar for his role as Mayor of New York, while he makes a name for himself (and eventually run for President). He doesn’t need money, considering how much he makes from Bloomberg. You don’t think he also has finances tied to some other companies, which may have contracts with the City, as well as his close-friends, so that they can owe favors. All his donations are tax-deductible. He’s abused his role of Mayor to move his channel to a prime-location on the TV stations, named parks to himself and other abuses of power. These can all come back to haunt him later. We don’t care. What we want right now is a City in working order. Side-streets given low-priority, sure, makes sense! Let’s get major traffic arteries and transportation working! However the City bungled that! I didn’t see any plows, trucks, trains or otherwise on Saturday night/Sunday morning hitting the streets when it was still lightly-snowing, whereas you’d normally see them running in previous storms. You’d think the lack of manpower would cause the City to send people out even earlier. We can waste over 800 million on CityTime, but not this?

  135. I am glad I did not need an ambulance, but if I did I would understand that as a matter of percentages the city has to clear the street with 1000 people on it before they clear the street with 100. It’s something to consider when choosing where to live and one reason why elderly people often select to live in an apartment building over a private home. In any case, I would have had to resort to calling friends and neighbors to help me down the block to a major, plowed street had I needed medical help. Fortunately, on quiet blocks you can get to know your neighbors and I’m sure they would have been there for me. (This is also exactly why I shoveled the walks and sidewalks of some elderly couples’s homes on Monday, to make sure they could walk off the block if needed).

    As for income levels, please. I know you are just dying to blame the rich, but there is some objective engineering to this and you’re just going to have to admit it.

    Look, if you really have an axe to grind what you should do is press for the city to release their infamous ratings for the city’s streets. Then you can go hunt to find some tertiary street in a rich Manhattan neighborhood that was plowed before a primary street in Brooklyn that had a higher snow removal rating number. That would be a case of mismanagement where explanations could be demanded and heads could roll. Hopefully the city will see the need for transparency and release this data to cut off further conspiracy theorists.

  136. Walder said that today’s heavier hybrid buses don’t require chains but he will look at it again. They were using chains mainly for the artics (double buses) which Brooklyn doesn’t have.

  137. umm… which streets are those exactly? why wasn’t that included in the article so we could know exactly what your argument is based upon?

    and really… what is your point? does bloomberg actually have anything to do with it?

    I think maybe you’re mucking up a good point with the fluffy BS of the pictures.

    btw… I have no opinion about bloomberg… I just have opinions about sloppy statements. give yourself some credibility so I can stand behind you!

  138. Channel 2 cameras spotted dozens of snow plows sitting in sanitation garages. When asked about that, the sanitation commissioner said that often there is extra equipment because all the crews are out in the streets working. Does that make any sense to you? To me it sounds like they just don’t want to pay overtime to operate that equipment.

  139. Answer 1. The street on the left: the one Mr. Bloomberg lives on. Quote from Brooklynq: “The cleanest street in the whole area – anyone care to guess? East 79th between Fifth and Madison. Gee? Who lives at 17 East 79th? Why – it’s Mayor Mike! What a pleasant surprise.”

    The street on the right – any Sheepshead Bay street, such as E 26th, E 27th, E 28th, E 29th, etc.

    Answer 2: Mr. Bloomberg is the CEO of New York City (which includes the street on the right). As such, he is ultimately responsible for what happens under his command (as is with any corporation/business).

    Answer 3: Pictures provided are not BS – they are absolutely real. A whole lot of pictures like that are available.

    Therefore, statements in the article are absolutely credible and in no way sloppy.

  140. Sure! Bill DeBlasio would make a very good mayor.

    Of course, one of the baboons in the Prospect Park Zoo would have handled this situation better than Bloomberg,

  141. I guess not heavy enough for this snow. I saw the driver of one such bus (on Ocean Ave.) try to pull out of the stop. I had to go after a few minutes, but the bus was still there, making all kinds of pitiful sounds…
    The driver tried to do everything one is taught to do in such case (except put stuff under the wheels – due to absence of stuff). So I can’t blame drivers (neither bus nor ambulance, etc.).

  142. Called the post office, due to the unforeseen weather conditions, they will “attempt” to make mail delivery today.

  143. Naaaah. Corruption. Egotism. It all dispells any sort of trust that he’s entitled to – AND I VOTED FOR HIM!!!!!!! Sorry everyone. :~{

  144. And Kingberg said “we will spare no expense”. Yes, he meant that but he was thinking of the expense accounts of his rich cronies who screwed up the City Payroll software project to the tune of six hundred million dollars.

  145. To answer 2 I’d have to add the qualifier. To find a CEO that takes responsibility for what happens under his/her command you have to look very far indeed. BP’s Tony Heyward or Massey Energy under Don Blankenship are prime examples of irresponsible CEOs getting large compensation packages while their corporations commit crimes against humanity. This is what we get when a “businessman” gets to run this city. We get corporate malfeasance and corporate spin.

    Bloomberg’s directive to New York City residents: Go to a Broadway show and eat cake.

  146. Of one thing we may be certain of. In Russia, when it was the USSR, a blogger like Ned would have been thrown into a gulag for even daring to present this critique of an elected/appointed official. Tell us, anyone who has lived in Russia, how were such storms handled there? Was there ever such criticism if officials didn’t handle it right or was it expected that they wouldn’t take care of it at all?

  147. Yeah right. ROSB can also watch his premiums go up after his claim is eventually settled. After all the Insurance company has to get ITS money back. Good old american capitalism at work.

  148. You are absolutely right.
    Correction: replace “as is with any corporation” with “as it should be with any corporation”…

    Nice job with the picture!

  149. I heard some plows on my street. At 3:30 in the morning! 90 minutes before that a commercial sanitation truck was stuck in the snow for about a half an hour.

  150. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Too true. For those libertarians out there I have to ask if they really believe that Corporate America can “police itself”? Who’s watching Mayor Bloomberg. He’s obviously not in touch with the voters. Oh, I forgot, the low voter turnout for the last mayoral election means he doesn’t have to be.

  151. I’ve strongly suspected things hadn’t changed much in that country. If we were there and so was Bloomberg we all could be charged with defamation of character of this killer. He is responsible for any deaths that come about as a result of the backed up 911 calls, the emergency vehicles that couldn’t get through etc.

  152. Just because I like to prepare for the worse…Why are the emergency streets still cluttered. Can’t a notice be put out to move it or lose it?

  153. My block has had a 3foot snow blockade which makes it impossible for me to get out of my driveway…i have a Jeep and last year i was zipping in and out of my driveway and the streets safely, but this year our illustrious idiotic mayor decides we don’t count so he stops the Sanititaion trucks from plowing the streets. Now Bloomberg’s is of course nice and clean while us the “little people” don’t count. So what we can’t get to work…so what we lose time and pay…so what that the EMS can’t get to us in case of emergency, just one more “little person” not around anymore.


  154. True story. I was shoveling ,again, today and an elderly couple passed by.
    The man said to me “Siberia”. From there the conversation went to snow stories high. We laughed about using a shovel.

  155. A retired sanitation worker said on TV today that although there have been no layoffs, many have retired during the past year and have not been replaced through attrition. He believes they are shorthanded. Given the fact that there are extra snow plows laying around without drivers to operate them, leads me to conclude his analysis is correct.

  156. Lawsuits that the City will have to pay out for. There goes the money he saves by not paying the overtime or hiring the necessary number of employees

  157. And he is so fond of business people he even hired one to be the education chancellor instead of an educator. He feels business people can do anything.

  158. Coney Island Avenue is an emergency street. If an emergency was declared, all cars would have been moved off of it and the entire street could have been plowed and everything would have returned to normal there the next day.

    By not declaring an emergency, the parked cars got snowed in so the cars are now using the side lanes as parking lanes reducing the it to one travel lane in each direction slowing down traffic to a crawl. It will remain that way until the snow melts.

    Imagine what would have happened if the snow lasted for 2 days and the temperature didn’t rise above freezing. Many more deaths, like 25 or 30. We were very lucky that didn’t happen.

    In 1960, Mayor Wagner banned all traffic on every street except for emergency vehicles. If that were done this time, there wouldn’t have been any stuck cars or buses to clear.

  159. I agree. Snow Emergency should have been declared Saturday, the parked cars would move by Sunday. Plowing could have been done and life would be better off.
    But, what if the case was more snow to follow? I shudder to think.

  160. No matter what political party is in charge at the city, state, federal level, it boils down to one brutal reality: there are 2 classes of people in the world, Class # 1 the political elite (ie:people that believe they are royalty & demand special treatment) Class # 2 the serfs, the peasants, the tenants, the laborers. Hey, NYC, don’t think it’s only “evil racist, bigoted, hypocritical, Republicans” that are the political elite. Check out your favorite “God”, Obama in his golf cart on a warm, breezy, Hawaiian golf course ! ! ! hahahahahahaha…….

  161. It’s the Power of Wee Wee! He’s pissing down our backs. It’s a typical corporate term. Terms like that include TEAM. It’s usually a way of convincing the rank and file of a camaraderie with Management that doesn’t exist.

  162. It’s already Snowmageddon. Given that possible scenario of another storm appearing on the heels of this one it would be Snowpocalypse Now!

    Oh how I love the smell of Sodium Chloride in the morning!

  163. PayPaul, if I could find your post in all this I would say….Pee Wee Herman came to mind. Sorry getting tired.

  164. I expect 2 things to occur in the coming days:
    1. Mayor Bloomberg will hop into his plane and spend the coming weekend in Bermuda dismissing all the complaining.
    2. He’ll appoint a new Sanitation Commissioner from among his media pals, and move Commissioner Dougherty to a high post in the Bloomberg Corporation.

  165. A truck did pass by earlier today. I did not see salt spread. I joked
    with a friend if I should go lick the street to check.

  166. The Dept of Sanitation had 6000 workers in 06′ they currently have 5000 workers – over worked now in. Every department in the city is expected to do more with less. I’ve never seen such a slow/no response before as I have with this storm IN MY entire life as a Bronx resident. He really has some gall to act pompous about this in his presentation to the city about the matter especially after the fact that he shouldn’t even be there. But no worries throw enough money at something and anyone can have an extended term limit.

    The Sanitation Chief would love to call him out I’m sure for cutting his work force, but at the end of the day he reports to Bloomberg and is responsible for putting super on the table.

  167. When I become head of the MTA. I expected Bloomberg to say, “Dougherty, you’re doing one heck of job.”

  168. This is future world (local – state – fed). The wealthy get bailed out with trillions ( 17 trillion sent to bail out European banks) – extension of Bush tax cuts in midst of two wars – country in a shambles, no problem. 185 billion for Start Treaty ( Boo – re-run of Duck and Cover) to keep the military industrial boys in the money – food stamp money cut to pay for salaries/ pensions of police, fire, teachers nationwide -no money for 99ers out of work due to Millions ( 1.3 million this year alone) shipped overseas/ companies given tax subsidies for outsourcing. NOTE that legislation to benefit the rich – corporate hogs – special interests were all passed. JOBS? Oops too busy taking 300 corporate honchos to India to get deals for them! BP destroys Gulf – people SICK – media took a hike.

    Hundreds of thousands in Super Power USA living in tents ( carpenters, plumbers, roofers, construction, office personnel, IT workers – replaced with Indian workers ). Meantime no cost of living for SS – BUT politicians got raises (also in their obscene pension plans) – Cadillac health benefits (no Obama care for them). We PAY 72 % of their premium costs (dental – vision – prescriptions). A vacation every time ya turn around. They work THREE days a week – paid for full time (approx 90-110 days per year). Sick time? NO problem – unlike the real world where your boss wants a doctor’s excuse ( $91 bucks).

    Ted Kennedy off 2 yrs got his paycheck the whole time! Campaigning for office ( TWO years – paid) no problem! Jobs for wives ( $$$ on numerous boards) lobbyist jobs for the kids – STAFF has all their student loans paid for, by us. Many of these political hacks have their college age kids on staff – (college paid for). Cut backs in services. Always for the POOR – working stiffs. THEY are thrilled that victims are attacking victims. Pissed off because men make a living wage. They want us ALL to be wage slaves like the Robber Baron days of old and you all are playing right into their hands. Better to rip and tear at each other -it distracts from the REAL crooks, duh, who pulled off the biggest HEIST in history and got bailed out (we paid their high roller losses) and are now making more $ than ever and bonuses!! FOOLS.

  169. Here’s your evil, rascist, hypocritical repukelicans for ya Minnasotah!

    The Republicans have been at war with President Obama for the entire length of his term. Bloomberg has been an instigator of wars between the “peasants” and the “elite” the entire length of his reign as NYC’s mayor. He’s engaged in his own personal war with Pigeons & Squirrels.

    He despises anything and anyone that doesn’t fit his world outlook. For all his money Bloomberg couldn’t buy a clue about how most of us live.

    A local resident and I had a most amusing conversation last night about Bloomie. His reaction of incredulity and laughter when I told him about Mayor Mikes proposal that we all go out to a Broadway play was priceless. “People have mortgage, bills, have to buy food and he says go to Broadway Play?!!”


  171. That’s all well and good, John, but this was a BLIZZARD, not a hurricane or a tornado or a tsunami. I live in Connecticut, a mere hour and a half away, and all of our roads were plowed by Monday evening. And I live on a cul-de-sac!

  172. I am curious to those who posted their complaints about this rotten mayor, how many of them voted for the clown? Nobody ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the New York voter, example: Hillary Clinton-Charles Schumer-Eliot Spitzer-Anthony Weiner.

  173. Understanding is the key; Michael Bloomberg thinks that the citizens of N.Y. are merely peasants under his kingdom. Soon as you realize where he stands, that’s when you are able to see things clearly or should I say his way. As a peasant of this state that you live in how dare you question his power , I mean decisions. The guy is completely fucking full of himself and he is quick to anger when his brilliant plans are challanged and or questioned. If you doubt this just watch one of his flimsy excuse for addressing the public when he clearly dropped the ball, blame starts at the top asshole not the otherway around that is why the head of all citi agencies is the mayor . That is why you have one mayor and multiple commissioners and so on you fucking dickhead this means they all answer to you, under your direction and guidance shit for brains. In short whatever they do or fail to do is your fault they are your subordinates asshole


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