Go To Hell, Mayor Bloomberg: This Is Why We’re Angry

Left: The street Mayor Bloomberg lives on; Right: The street I live on

Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t get it. He’s urging patience, and seems somewhat bewildered that us yokels in the outerboroughs would even question why our streets don’t matter to the city.

When I ran a quote earlier today of Bloomberg saying, “The world has not come to an end. The city is going fine” – well, I was beside myself. I stewed for a bit, and began to wonder if I was being overly harsh on the city. It was, afterall, an enormous amount of snow dumped on us in a short amount of time.

But screw that.

The final straw was when BrooklynQ sent me the photo (above left) of the street Mayor Bloomberg lives on, perfectly plowed, almost as if it never snowed at all. On the right is my block, unplowed, and with every car under several feet of snow.

I’ve walked up and down my street several times today, and heard neighbors saying the same things: “Where’s the city? Where’s the Department of Sanitation? Where’s Mayor Bloomberg?”

It must be pretty easy to urge patience when you’re well taken care of. It must be pretty easy when every agency caters to your needs, paid for by our greenbacks. It must be pretty easy to shrug off our complaints, as if our contribution – in both taxes and the workforce – amount to nothing.

As of now we have no roads, no buses, no trains. Businesses remain shuttered. The sick don’t make it to the hospital.

People down here need to get to work, Mr. Mayor. The small businesses need people coming in and out. Neighbors need to feed their families, clothe their children and, yes, pay their taxes.

Enough of the snow job. Get the work done, Mayor Bloomberg.


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