Giving Back: Freddy’s Mike Sternfeld on The Barman’s Fund


A-Toast: 1 Year Anniversary of Barman's Fund

We’ve always loved Freddy’s Bar and Backroom, and here’s a good example why. Bartender, Mike Sternfeld, was recently featured in a Huff Po interview on The Barman’s Fund, a philanthropic organization through which bartenders donate a night’s worth of tips to charities in NYC, New Orleans, Charlotte, and (coming soon) Austin.

To date, the Barman’s Fund has donated $119,277.

Involved since the second Barman’s Fund shift in 2011, Mike told Huff Po that, after participating in the fundraisers, he’s more aware of those in need. “Teens in foster care, for instance, is a demographic that I’ve spent very little time talking about. But, what a gift to help create a network of support; I see now how valuable that was.”

Image via Freddy’s Bar and Backroom

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