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Flatbush Avenue Merchants Association

Flatbush Avenue – do you shop there? Why? Why not? If you do shop there, what do you like (and not like) about it? If you don’t, is there something that could change that would make you want to go there?

These are the sorts of things that the Flatbush Avenue Merchants Association is trying to find out in a new survey that is being done on their behalf by the Pratt Area Community Council, as we learned thanks to the Q at Parkside blog.

Desmond Romeo, the head of the Flatbush Avenue Merchants Association and the owner of Dr. Cuts on Flatbush Avenue, said:

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We have asked PACC to initially lead with our initiative to formally organize a merchants association that will work to create a vibrant commercial corridor along Flatbush Avenue. A primary mission of the association will be to strategically plan ways to support the quality businesses and to compliment the current retail mix along Flatbush Avenue. The merchants association will also be instrumental in addressing our neighborhood concerns such as vacancies, foot traffic and littered sidewalks. To further stimulate the development of Flatbush Avenue, The Parkside Empire – Flatbush Avenue Merchants Association, in collaboration with PACC, is now conducting a Commercial Needs Survey.

The Flatbush Avenue Commercial Needs Survey is designed to assess local residents’ shopping experiences on Flatbush Avenue and gather their input on what types of businesses are needed/wanted in this area. Simply, this survey will assist in determining what residents enjoy in the neighborhood as well as determine what is lacking. The survey will also help us appropriately recruit businesses.

You can click here to take the survey.

Photo via the Flatbush Avenue Merchants Association

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