GIRLS Back To Film Near Church Avenue Next Week


girls filming no parking sign
We’re not out of the woods Iowa yet! We noticed more signs for GIRLS filming next Thursday, May 1 and Friday, May 2 at the north end of the neighborhood–this time on Church Avenue from Coney Island Avenue to Argyle Road, Albemarle from Argyle to Westminster, and Coney Island Avenue between Caton Avenue and Hinckley Place.

Last week’s GIRLS shoot near Avenue H temporarily closed Midwood Martial Arts (although the actual filming took place in houses nearby), and we were told that yes, our neighborhood is supposed to be Iowa in the coming season, and yes, there will be a frat party with some Lena Dunham Jell-O wrestling action.

Whether you love the show or it makes you sleepy, you’ll have to move your car off affected blocks by 10pm on Wednesday, April 30. If your car is moved, call 347-341-3067 or 718-906-2274.

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