Giant New Four & Twenty Blackbirds Space Coming To Gowanus This Summer

Giant New Four & Twenty Blackbirds Space Coming To Gowanus This Summer
Four & Twenty Blackbird Pies by birdsblack on Instagram

If you thought a Four & Twenty Blackbirds cafe on 3rd Avenue and an outpost in the Central Library was pie enough for the neighborhood, start loosening your belt and think again. Bakers and sisters Emily and Melissa Elsen are planning on opening an additional 3,000-square-foot space in Gowanus this summer, according to Grub Street.

The new spot will be located on 3rd Ave at Sackett, just under 10 blocks from their first location, which will remain open. They tell Grub Street the space

will include a café, outdoor seating, a rooftop herb garden, and a retail area, and they hope to offer a savory lunchtime menu — soups, sandwiches, beer, and wine — at some point, as well. It will also give them more room to make more pies (so maybe you won’t miss out if you oversleep next Thanksgiving).

Most exciting for those who have checked out the sisters’ new book and wished they’d offer the cream pies in their shop, Emily says that new refrigeration units will allow them to stock those, too.

We’ll meet you there in August, when they’re hoping to open, for a slice of their grandma Lizzie’s lemon cream pie!

Photo by Four & Twenty Blackbirds


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