#GetOutTheVote: Register Now To Vote In Time For The April 19 Primary

#GetOutTheVote: Register Now To Vote In Time For The April 19 Primary
Photo by Fort Greene Focus.
Photo by Fort Greene Focus.

It’s not too late to register to vote in time for the April 19 Presidential Primary Election, but you’ve got to act fast.

Tomorrow/Friday, March 25 is the deadline to submit applications, which can be submitted online, in-person, or by mail.

The fastest method, of course, is to register online with Electronic Voter Registration. Skip the lines by logging into the New York State DMV system, MyDMV with your ID number from your NYS driver’s license, permit, or non-driver ID card..

If you don’t have a MyDMV account, just create one like you would for any website, and then click on “Register to Vote.” Then confirm your name, gender, address, and birthday, and pick a political party. Know that for primary elections, only Democrats and Republicans can vote for their respective party candidates, so if you’re a registered Independent, you won’t be eligible to vote for either primary race.

If you don’t trust snail mail and prefer to submit things in-person, then print out the application, fill it out, and head over to the Kings County Board of Elections at 345 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

If you like visiting the post-office, then know that your application must only be POSTMARKED BY Friday, March 25 in order to be eligible. This way, your applications can be physically received by next Wednesday, March 30. The BOE’s mailing address is 345 Adams Street in Downtown Brooklyn, as seen above.

As noted by the New York Daily News, “New York has already seen an “unprecedented surge” of last-minute applicants rushing online to vote. Almost 41,000 people submitted applications through the DMV’s website, half of which are from first-time voters.”

If you are not in Brooklyn, you can find the New York State Board of Elections map here.

If you’re okay with missing the Presidential Primary, then there’s still plenty time to register for the federal (June 28) and state & local (September 13) primaries. General Election day is November 8.Those deadlines, respectively, are June 3 and August 19.