Get Yourself 3-D Printed At Coney Island

The Great Fredini (Photo Via
The Great Fredini (Photo Via

I have to admit, the world of 3-D printing fascinates me. Although I can’t afford one now, I hope in 10 years that they become so cheap that anyone with a little extra scratch gets to play around with one. Until that day, I might have to content myself to visiting the Great Fredini at Coney Island.

According to a report by 3D Printer World, the Great Fredini (Fred Khal), will scan you and your family with his makeshift 3D printer and retrofitted X-Box Kinect device, dubbed the “Scan-A-Tron 3000.” His studio, The Great Fredini’s Scan-A-Rama, is located on Surf Avenue by the Freak Bar.

Julie Atlas Muz, a local Coney burlesque performer, described entering Fredini’s machine.

“You have to stand as still as you can, like a statue. It feels simultaneously old fashioned and futuristic, like the Jetsons,” Muz told 3D Printer World.

Beyond scanning local residents, Fredini has a grander project envisioned. He wants to create a 3D model of Luna Park that represents what the park was like in 1914. He started a Kickstarter campaign and needs $15,000 by August 7 to make it happen. He also plans to use a duplicate of everyone he has scanned to place in the finished project.