Get Involved: Colton Organizes Bensonhurst Cleanup For This Saturday

Photo courtesy of Priscilla Consolo
From a July clean-up (Photo courtesy of Priscilla Consolo)

The following is a notice from the offices of Assemblyman William Colton. The event is open to all, and neighbors are encouraged to stop by and pitch in. Keeping the community clean is a group effort!

In response to concerns about cleanliness in the neighborhood, Assemblyman William Colton has organized a community clean-up event as part of his ongoing “Speak-Up & Clean-Up” campaign.

The campaign, which was launched in August 2011 by Assemblyman Colton, has become tremendously popular with neighborhood residents and businesses, as well as with local youth who continue to participate in the clean-up events.

Volunteers, who are local youth from neighborhood schools and organizations, have signed up to clean a large stretch of Bay Parkway from 65th to 72nd Streets, and Avenue U from McDonald Avenue to Stillwell Avenue, as well as the streets surrounding Seth Low Park. In addition to cleaning up, participants will also pass out flyers and speak to residents and businesses about sanitation rules and guidelines to encourage them to “do their part” and help clean the neighborhood clean.

This clean-up event will mark third effort of the year for the ongoing “Speak-Up & Clean-Up” campaign, after the year’s kick-off event the weekend of Earth Day this past April. Colton hosted a second event with Councilman Vincent Gentile in July. In addition, this Saturday’s clean-up event will also be the eleventh initiative for the campaign since it began over two years ago.

Assisting Assemblyman Colton in organizing this effort and recruiting volunteers are dynamic community leaders Priscilla Consolo and Mark Treyger.

Assemblyman Colton stated, “Not only are we physically cleaning up our streets and parks, but we are spreading awareness about the importance of keeping our neighborhood clean. We pass out flyers containing sanitation rules and guidelines to residents and businesses.” Colton then added, “We want to motivate others to do their part in making sure our community is a clean place to live, work, shop, and play.”

Priscilla Consolo, who founded the “Speak-Up & Clean-Up” campaign in 2011 with Assemblyman Colton, asserted, “When we started this campaign over two years ago, we never would have imagined that it would have grown like it has. This is already our eleventh clean up event, and our local youth have consistently volunteered to help clean up the neighborhood.” She continued, “They should serve as an example for our entire community.”

Councilman-elect Mark Treyger, who has contributed to organizing and leading the “Speak-Up & Clean-Up” campaign, said “A clean neighborhood is a win-win situation for everyone. Businesses and residents benefit, and our young people are learning the valuable lesson of making a positive difference in their community. There is no greater civics lesson for our young people.” Treyger then continued, “I thank our youth volunteers for their hard work and dedication to this campaign.”

The list of volunteers include: members of District 9 High School Key Club, students from New Utrecht High School, members from Our Lady of Grace Teen Group, students from Midwood High School’s Key Club, students from Brooklyn Technical High School’s Red Cross Club and Key Club, students from Edward R. Murrow’s Key Club, members from Bensonhurst Cluster Youth Ministry, students from Madison High School’s Key Club, members from Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School’s Key Club, John Dewey High School’s Key Club, and members from the United Chinese Association of Brooklyn, among others.

Additionally, the Department of Sanitation and Home Depot will supply the groups with tools to assist them in the clean-up effort. All volunteers will receive community service hours and be treated with free refreshments in appreciation of their hard work.

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, November 9
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Meet-Up Location: 155 Kings Highway (Between West 12th Street and West 13th Streets)
Clean-Up Locations: Bay Parkway between 65th Street and 72nd Street, Avenue U between Stillwell Avenue and McDonald Avenue, and the streets surrounding Seth Low Park.


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