Gerritsen Beach Keeps Its Dirty Laundry In A Lockbox

Despite outrage from Gerritsen Beach residents towards the teen-induced terror on Halloween, the issue was barely a footnote at last week’s 61st Precinct Community Council meeting.

None of the parents, business owners or victims affected attended the Wednesday night meeting to request a stronger police response for next year’s Halloween. Nor did the incident make it into Deputy Inspector Mastrokostas’ 5-minute report [above].

The issue did surface briefly, though, when a Sheepshead Bay resident expressed concern for the victims, and Mastrokostas said the issue has been on his mind. [5:00 in video above]

“The day after, when we heard all this, the commotion, the next thought was ‘What are we going to do next year to make sure this isn’t happening?'” Mastrokostas said. He added that they’re looking for ways to better engage the Gerritsen Community. “We’re going to work with Gerritsen and George [Broadhead of the Gerritsen Beach Property Owners Association] next year, and truly believe we’re going to have a better Halloween.”

Broadhead, for his part, thanked the precinct for “always showing up” to their civic meetings and addressing concerns. [6:14 in video above]

“Despite the anonymous negative comments on website, [the NYPD] didn’t have too much choice on Halloween in Gerritsen Beach,” he said “And they still come to our meetings, fielded all the questions by parents, and all the questions that anybody had to ask.”

As recently as today, has documented continued vandalism from local teens, who over the weekend were spotted throwing rocks at buses, people and cars. Residents of the community refuse to come forward and file formal complaints against the teenagers involved in any of the incidents.