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Gerritsen Beach, Haven't You Learned Your Lesson?

Photo by Daniel Cavanagh of

You’d think after the Halloween shenanigans, Gerritsen Beach parents would learn that “pedophile” blogger Danny Cavanagh of is unstoppable. He’s forever on the prowl, documenting the warpath of the neighborhood’s hooligans.

But no; they don’t learn. The neighborhood is like the angry aunt that gets drunk every Christmas, tells everyone what’s wrong about them, and then falls down a flight of stairs. We all act horrified and concerned, but, come on, there’s a bit of satisfaction to it. We look forward to next Christmas.

So… they don’t learn, and once again the future inmates of America’s detention facilities rampaged through the streets, destroying public property and harassing neighbors. is reporting, “Local kids are throwing ice and snow at cars, bm4 and b31 buses from everrett and devon. Taking one bm4 temporarily out of service.

As the photo above shows, the kids also took out yet another bus shelter‘s glass, and also threw ice at Cavanagh’s car as he filmed them bombarding the bus. He called 911 and received no response from the local precincts, he said.

At least no pedestrians were targeted this time. Cavanagh told Sheepshead Bites that it was only cars and buses, since neighbors thought better of stepping foot outside. It seems someone is learning…

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  1. Moving up?

    “New York Penal – Article 120
    ยง 120.05 Assault in the second degree.

    A person is guilty of assault in the second degree when:
    11. With intent to cause physical injury to a […] bus operator […] employed by any transit agency, authority or company, public or private, whose operation is authorized by New York state or any of its political subdivisions, he or she causes physical injury to such […] bus operator […] while such employee is performing an assigned duty on, or directly related to, the operation of a train or bus.
    Assault in the second degree is a class D felony.”

    7 years in prison.

  2. Cavanagh is doing this neighborhood a service. In the long run, these kids and/or their parents will be straightened out and the neighborhood’s kids will improve their behavior. If everyone keeps looking the other way, things will only get worse.

  3. I saw the woman call him a pedophile at the meeting — she should watch out — cause Danny could slap “her” with a lawsuit for making such a slanderous statement — and on video at a public hearing, no less. I am a 30 year veteran of the news business. Danny is doing what Thomas Payne did and what CNN does. He’s just reporting facts. I have never seen him intentionally report something that is not true. So residents don’t like it — like that DeSimone guy who made a fool of himself at the meetig and then thought he had the right to tell the news people to NOT use his images after speaking at a public meeting. People don’t like to hear he news, the truth. From major governments to movie stars, when the truth comes out, it hurts, and the first reaction is to lash out at the messenger. And for those who want to keep Gerritsen Beach its own little enclave, with noone reporting what’s going on inside, and think it has the right to stop outsiders from speaking their minds, they are sorely misguied. I commend Danny for the journalism work that he is doing.

  4. What the fuck is wrong with that Neighborhood? It looks nice and quiet, I would love to move there.. but things with these rednecks and their kids out of control really makes me think twice! Idiots. And what is really shocking is a lack of police response.

  5. Ditto. My wife and I looked at some houses there, because they’re cute and affordable, and the area looks decent, and the school there is actually pretty good, but all this craziness with uncontrollable and rude thug kids just turns us off of the place.

  6. Except a lawyer would argue there was no intent to cause physical injury and that it was a youthful prank. I’m defending these morons, but when is that line crossed? When do you go from being a bratty moron punk who’s just causing mischief to someone who’s intending to actually hurt someone. We can’t exactly read their minds.

  7. I think that line is when someone throws a piece of ice at the windshield of a bus, breaking it and hitting the driver… It happened plenty of times with cars – remember the story about frozen turkeys somewhere in Long Island?

  8. When I was a teenager I threw plenty of snowballs at busses or cars.
    Thankfully I never did hurt anyone, but I never intended too. That’s the key
    with the law, intent. I was being a little asshole that’s all. With many of
    these kids it’s attempts to gain social status or subconscious attempts at
    attention. Sometimes it’s peer pressure, but whatever it is do we honestly
    think any of these punks intend to truly hurt anyone? I dont. Well, I guess
    I can’t know, but I sincerely hope they weren’t. One major problem with our
    system of justice is that the punishment often doesn’t match the crime. With
    that thought in mind can we really blame any GB parents from not wanting
    their brats exploits exposed to the public? It’s a sad reality, it’s also a
    sad reality that if these parents did their jobs properly it wouldn’t be an

    Anyway, my appeal for playing devils advocate wears thin, the point I’m
    trying to make is that nobody deserves to go to jail for 7 years for
    throwing a piece of ice unless they were knowingly and consciously trying to
    hurt someone. Even then, at such a young age these individuals require some
    serious therapy before their crimes escalate to something more severe.

  9. And that’s a ridiculous penalty for intending to cause harm to someone. You
    get my point right? $5k is a bullshit punishment for intending to hurt
    someone. If you succeede and they happen to die then all of a sudden it’s
    involuntary manslaughter or 2nd degree murder or something like that. And 7
    years is bullshit for throwing ice.

  10. It’s pretty sad when the people in GB can’t leave their homes to go to the store because they have to be afraid of these white trash ingrates hurting them by throwing snow, or worse.

  11. Just so you know, the law has no problem inferring intent from extremely reckless behavior. So don’t get too hung up on the intent part, a case could move forward without clear and convincing proof of intent to harm if the act is so reckless.

  12. That is indeed a strange neighborhood. They’ve got to clean up their act on this, or they’ll get those bad politically correct people upon them.

    But let me report here on another side of Gerritsen Beach. One day, out of the clear blue, I slipped and fell on the sidewalk. Two cars stopped, the guys got out to make sure I was alright. One couple across the street came running also. Thankfully I got up with just a minor pain….
    On the other hand, in my own neighborhood of sheepshead bay a few years back, i took a fall on a piece of construction. The people in the store under repair just stared at me on the ground, and people passing by made believe i didn’t exist. One of them practically stepped on me. (Again, i was okay. for a 50+ i’m in good shape).
    So, it seems like the political powers of Gerritsen Beach are a bunch of jerks, but let’s not indict the whole neighborhood. After all, we’re not supposed to stereotype, are we. Let’s judge the drinking people of Gerritsen Beach individually (that’s a joke).

  13. i can’t believe people are actually defending the kids as “harmless pranksters”. Guys, imagine they’re throwing snowballs at your 82 year old mother. Suddenly, your opinion will probably magically change. This stuff is criminal, i don’t care how you weave your sophistries. Throw the kids in jail. Period.

  14. The fact that is on videotape merely proves the assertion. That this woman would be so stupid as to make ridiculous allegations while she is knowingly being videotaped show contempt and extreme irresponsibility. The kind of irresponsibility that was learned by at least one of her children.

  15. I was simply playing devils advocate for the sake if discussion, I’m not defending those morons. If they aren’t punished appropriately their behavior will just escalate.

  16. what happened to the old beach. you get out of your car and put a foot in a well placed ass. This is the reason the cope have always called the beach white harlem. It is a shame. Again it is the 10% making it bad for all of the others


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