Police Car Crashes into Legendary Diner

George’s Diner on Coney Island Avenue with shattered storefront. Liena Zagare/Bklyner.

FLATBUSH — Yesterday, around 10.30 a.m., at 753 Coney Island Avenue right at Cortelyou Road, a police car swerved into George’s Diner, a local neighborhood staple, shattering the business’ front window.

“We’re eating over here, 10:30 in the morning, it was nice and quiet, and then, a big explosion at the window,” Michael Papazaharias, the co-owner of the diner, told us. “I see a patrol car hit the front of the store, broke the glass, the tables were upside down. I said, ‘what happened guys?’, but no one was able to talk, they were in shock.”

The owner told us nobody got hurt, and there was just structural damage to the storefront, “it was an accident.” The diner will be closed until further notice as they wait for repair estimates and receive a permit to do work on the storefront.

The diner itself opened in 1956 and was the first in Brooklyn to be open 24 hours.

Police told us there were minor injuries to two officers in the car, who were taken to Maimonides Medical Center after the incident. Police said they did not know why the car swerved into the building and, currently, no criminality is suspected.

Watch video of a witness at the scene of the incident:

Vehicle Crashed Into Building @CitizenApp

Coney Island Ave & Cortelyou Rd Yesterday 10:44:31 AM EST



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Irina Groushevaia

Irina Groushevaia

Irina Groushevaia is the Managing Editor and covers Bushwick, Williamsburg, and beyond. Questions & tips: Irina@bklyner.com


  1. This is poor reporting. First of all, there are no questions to any witnesses about the police car’s speed. Vehicles going 25-35 mph do not just crash into storefronts.

    “Police said they did not know why the car swerved into the building.” Um, no the officer driving the vehicle swerved into the building. The vehicle is not self-driving. The officers in the vehicle can provide the answer.

    “Currently, no criminality is suspected.” OK. Do we expect the NYPD to indict two officers or doing something stupid on duty.?

    Finally, it’s nice that you want to take the diner owner’s word that “it was an accident” and that somehow it’s OK because no one got hurt.

    It isn’t. Many of us who see people hurt or killed by vehicles all the time have asked media outlets to call these incidents crashes, not accidents. It would help your organization’s credibility greatly if you would adapt the same standard.

    I am happy to pay to support local journalism, but I expect actual journalism to be conducted.


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