George Washington Comes Back To New Utrecht In 8 Days

George Washington, the man who helped get the King out of Kings County, will be returning to his old stomping grounds in eight days.

Historical reenactor Michael Grillo will be playing our country’s first president at the New Utrecht Reformed Church Parish House (18th Avenue and 84th Street) on Tuesday, February 7, at 7:30 p.m. Thanks to the church’s congregation, as well as Friends of Historic New Utrecht, admission is free.


Mr. Grillo, Education Director at the Van Cortlandt House Museum in the Bronx, has been appearing as Washington for over 12 years at historic sites and events. Mr. Grillo’s presentation about Washington’s career will include discussion of the Battle of Brooklyn in August 1776, his victorious return to New York in November 1783, his inauguration there in 1789 and his visit to New Utrecht in April 1790, when he had lunch at Barre’s tavern (84th St. and 16th Ave.) and greeted students from the village school nearby.
President Washington will have an escort of two Revolutionary War reenactors in the uniform of a New York State militia unit, one of whom will give a brief talk about the life and equipment of a Revolutionary War soldier. A Q&A session with the audience and a reception with light refreshments will follow the presentation. Parking is available in the church lot.
On the morning of Feb.7, Mr. Grillo will portray President Washington before an audience of more than 600 students, 4th and 5th graders from public, parochial and private schools, also sponsored by the Friends of New Utrecht, in the New Utrecht High School auditorium. In the afternoon he is scheduled to perform and respond to questions from intermediate and high school students.

The New Utrecht Parish House stands next to the church’s 1828 sanctuary building, which is currently undergoing extensive repair and restoration. Out front is a Liberty Pole – the last of its kind in the United States, it is the sixth to stand there. The first was erected in 1783 by citizens of New Utrecht celebrating the end of America’s war for independence. The church was founded in 1677.

For more information, please contact Friends of Historic New Utrecht at

718 256-7173.