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Gates Down At 4th Avenue’s Brooklyn Finest Market


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A neighbor sent word on Monday that Brooklyn Finest Market, located at 550 4th Avenue, at 15th Street, had closed its doors. Sure enough, the gates have been down every time we’ve walked by this week.

As noted on the city’s Department of Buildings website, the store had been undergoing a deli renovation for the past several months, though recently, it appeared that their progress had stalled. The most recent permit expired in April of this year.

We found no recent sales online, there are no signs posted on the doors, and the store has no known website, so the cause of the closure is a bit of a mystery. Does anyone out there have the scoop? Are we looking at the future home of another corner condo building?

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  1. I hope it’s not a condo… Having reasonably priced fruits and vegetables on 4th Ave. is a good thing.

  2. I saw them packing up and leaving late Friday night. I would like to see another, cleaner supermarket – something like Earth’s Basket. But I guess I could just go to Earth’s Basket. Hoping for no more condos! That area could use another casual restaurant too I suppose…

  3. Records show a sale from 2012, which seems recent to me. Zoning for this part of 4th Avenue is R8A — same as those sites that been developed into condos, so I think it’s a safe bet to assume that’s what’s coming. When I talked to the employees when they were packing up, they said they were moving to a store on 44th street. A small consolation is yet another heartbreak.

  4. i spoke w/ a few folks from 16th st who knew alex, the store owner. word on the street is, the building owner sold it to a developer. they intend on building condos.

  5. At least now the owner will stop throwing his day-old bread on our block for the pigeons and rats.

  6. Damn shame. This has been my go-to store for forgotten items (never for meat and the produce was iffy – great when fresh but watch out when not) for many, many years. I remember when they were shabbily located across the street on the northside and used to sell illegal fireworks and more. I remember when they moved to the southside of 15th Street and when they began selling more upscale items in time for the influx of pseudo-gentrification. The people that worked there were lovely and helpful. The new condos are ATROCIOUS, tacky and very over-priced. Thank you for the info from the people who posted.


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