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Gas Leak Means No Service For Some Ocean Parkway Residents


UPDATED: 1,000+ Households Affected In Ocean Parkway Gas Crisis, National Grid Says Service To Be Restored Friday

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National Grid workers are on the scene of a gas leak on Ocean Parkway. According to our tipster, many of the homes and buildings around Ocean Parkway, Gravesend Neck Road and Avenue V are currently without service.

We are awaiting confirmation from National Grid on how long the service disruption will last, as well as more information about the leak.

Do you live in that area? Let us know below if your service has been cut.


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  1. Gas service is off between avenue V and avenue X between Ocean Parkway and Coney Island Ave. There are at least 30 National Grid vehicles and a half dozen or so bulldozers that are opening the streets all over the place. There seems to be at least 100 National Grid workers on site. Seems like they can’t pin point the exact location of the leak.

  2. I spoke with the lead supervisor he said
    the main pipe cracked at the joints and they are trying
    to excavate 5 different locations to replace
    the pipe fittings. His estimate was 3-4 days.
    Union timing is 7 days. They will work day and
    Night in shifts until the service is restored. I am happy
    To see them working but not at 12 at night
    Very hard to sleep with the noise.

  3. They said it will take at least 2 days to find and fix it. Knowing how much overtime these people will get for this I should expect to take showers elsewhere for next 7 days.

  4. National Grid is working on Ocean Parkway by Avenue U and V, there must have been 20 workers sitting on the stoops and benches for about 2 hours Apr 17 doing nothing (Unions hard at work). From the look of how they are digging and at the way traffic is being directed this looks like at least a few days until they finish. I didn’t know that National Grid doesn’t have to follow any traffic laws.

  5. what dont you understand about water in a gas main They just have to get the water out you hack.


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