Garibaldi Park’s Problems In Bensonhurst

A common sight.

Some neighbors no longer feel welcome at the Garibaldi Playground in Bensonhurst, and quite a few have emailed us expressing their concerns.

While some of them relate to the Parks Department, others just highlight lack of care among its patrons. On many days there is garbage everywhere – dirty diapers, Dorito bags, and “thousands of water balloons” not properly disposed – there are garbage cans that get emptied regularly, they just need to be used!

Bigger than trash, however, is the problem with the bathrooms. 

The bathrooms at the park have been closed for several weeks now, resulting in just about everyone using surrounding corners and bushes to relieve themselves. One neighbor emailed us disgusted that she had just witnessed a lady relieve herself while sitting on the same park bench.

We checked with the Parks Department, and this is what they said: “Due to an electrical outage at this location, the comfort station is closed. Parks is working with Con Edison to diagnose the issue and get the bathrooms back up and running as soon as possible.” It really cannot be soon enough!

And even bigger than bathrooms seems to be safety. Last week a neighbor witnessed a group of teens smoking weed inside the playground around 2pm. The neighbor threatened a call to the police and they left. On another day, a group of pre teens  where hitting a ball very hard, and almost hurt a lady with a baby. When confronted they started “cursing and being aggressive and one of them even threat to swipe my phone when I was recording their bad behavior. The [parks department] worker in charge called his supervisor and asked for the police,” the neighbor writes.

Milestone Park next door has its problems too: “dog shit that is not being picked up, people gambling almost all the time, and using the bushes as bathrooms and tons of trash”, another neighbor writes. “I have seen men’s genitals exposed because they pee on the trees.”

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  1. I think it is just a start I have seen a good share of this myself. Smell of Urine in the Milestone Park to the nauseous point, gambling(bills, coins), spitting very close to other sitting people(and sometimes nearly missing me), garbage, newspapers, food, cups, Cigarette Butts everywhere, sneezing, and throwing nose bodily fluids everywhere(rubbing bodily fluids on benches, trees) standing on benches, in my opinion strictly disrespectful​ to the European people; or maybe lack of understanding them or just their cultural ways; when trying to ask them to stop all this. They are taking almost all the tables (and sometimes watch until you leave or smoke near where the smoke drifts into your face[I once said to call the police and was threatened by them that they would kill me). This is just some of my observations from sitting here. Now I have to”adjust” to the new gated and guarded Supermarket(mind you I’m an American on American soil with a now gated Supermarket with a guarded booth. I do not think the geographical location of this area way it was built supports gates nicely. I also see it to be some problem for first responders easily to service this community.). Gone are the days of Waldbaums and the neighborhood that I had enjoyed.

  2. I should have added that this is a potentially dangerous situation. Maybe the CDC would want to get involved (Posters in Chinese maybe?). These are very unsanitary conditions and now that the Summer is coming. The transmission of disease from bodily fluids. Along with the dirt that will eventually lead to Mosquitos and other pests such as Mice and Rats. Blessed are the people trying to clean this place up. I have actually spoken to what appears to be a Parks Ranger. A very good person along with the people who are trying to clean this place up. Within hours of course the efforts go to waste.

  3. I agree with MTS. The behavior and filth I’ve seen in both parks is disgusting. I used to take my grandchildren to the playground when they were visiting…no more. As for the new store, I won’t ever shop there. The neighborhood has been a melting pot for generations, but the recent influx has turned it into a pig sty.

  4. I also agree with MTS. I have lived on this block for 30 Years and have seen a lot of changes over the years but this is the worst. The animals that occupy the park this days is ridiculous. They urinate in the bushes without a second thought. The park smells something terrible and my back windows face the park. Between the Urine, cigarettes and the weed smell I don’t want to leave my windows open. The city needs to do something to straighten this out. The weather is getting warmer and the smell will only get worse.

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