Garden Bay Cafe Gets Spiffy & Other Biz News

Armenian restaurant Garden Bay Cafe (1788 Sheepshead Bay Road) has renovated its location and tossed up a new sign. According to a member of the family that owns the restaurant, they’ve also done some work on their menu by expanding the offerings. We hope that doesn’t mean they’ve removed classics like the blackened trout Village Voice gushed over. (UPDATE: Apparently the sign isn’t finished yet. It should be ready in about a week.)

Down the block, Ginger Rose Hair Design Studio (1804 Sheepshead Bay Road) has closed two thirds of its storefront operation for renovations. They’re still open for business and expect to finish the work in about a month.

We also just got word that Chop Stix Stir-Fry, Asian Noodle, Sushi, & Grill … err… Chop Stix (3790 Nostrand Avenue), formerly known as Peking Kitchen, got its hands on a liquor license and is now serving up sake and other booze.

Finally, it looks like Brand Z For Less (1805 Avenue U) got an extension to its lease. The sign that went up a few weeks ago saying “Must Vacate January 31st” now says “Must Vacate February 28th.”