GallopNYC Offers Horseback Riding Lessons To Adults Ages 50+

Roy Rogers, with his trusty companion Trigger. Source: Don't Stand There Gawping

Attention Sheepshead Bites readers, ages 50 and up: If you’ve always loved horsies, but you’ve never had an opportunity to bond with one of these magnificent, gentle creatures, GallopNYC (Giving Alternative Learners Uplifting Opportunities, Inc.) has a pretty cool offer for you.

The non-profit, which provides therapeutic horseback riding to people in New York City, is offering horseback riding lessons designed for men and women 50 years and above, however, only two seats remain. Again, ONLY TWO SEATS REMAIN — so you need to hustle and sign up, before someone else does. The four lessons are slated for Tuesday afternoons, January 10, 17, 24 and 31 and only costs $100 total (that’s $25 a lesson). As the old saying goes, “It’s a bargain for a thief.”

The lessons will be held at the Jamaica Bay Riding Academy, 7000 Shore Parkway. Riders and non-riders are welcome.

During the lessons, you will be afforded the opportunity to bond with a horse and learn all about horses and their long partnership with humans. Plus, you will learn to ride, or improve your riding skills, while gaining strength, balance, and flexibility.

According to GallopNYC, the course will focus on building riding basics, fundamentals of the horse and horse behavior, grooming, mounting and dismounting, tacking, proper position on the horse, different aids used to communicate with the horse, steering, exercises on horseback, halt, walk, trot, canter and transitions between these gaits.

So gallop, don’t walk, so you don’t miss out on this opportunity.  To sign up, email or call (917) 740-4696. To learn more about GallopNYC, visit their website at and go to their Facebook page.