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Galit Couture Packs Up And Moves To Staten Island

Photo by Erica Sherman

Galit Couture – a.k.a. Fashion Salon Galit – the bridal dress and evening wear designer at 1702 Sheepshead Bay Road, has packed up its frilly goods and high-tailed it over to Shat-On Staten Island.

The store had been there for more than a decade, but now the corner location is freed up for, oh, I don’t know, maybe a sushi restaurant. Perhaps a cell phone store. Maybe even a pharmacy! Lucky us!

The new Galit Couture can now be found at 1470 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island. You can contact them by calling (718) 646-8190.

Best of luck to the Galak family business in their new location.

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  1. Not everything was tacky there.  I went in there when I was engaged, and they had some beautiful gowns – some tacky, some downright prostitute-y.  I saw several gowns that I loved (and I dress conservatively!), but they were just so expensive.

  2. that sushi,cell phone store joke is getting tired,you should welcome any business with balls big enough to open up these days

  3. running a business in sheepshead bay will take years off your life,you will go grey in months with the agravation of having to turn away russian speaking customers,or even worse to make sure that russian speaking employee that you hired for $100 a day just to say in russian “dont shop here i have hook up in brighton,take number and call me later”,steal a $20 out the register

  4. Nothing tacky about her stuff! I bought my wedding dress there and people still tell me it was the most stunning dress they have ever seen.


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