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Funkiberry Opens Up On Avenue U, Ocean Avenue



Is frozen yogurt the new sushi? Well, I guess we’re not quite there yet. But another frozen yogurt, this one called Funkiberry, has opened up at 2001-A Avenue U, right on the corner of Ocean Avenue.

The location used to be a pharmacy.

Good luck, Funkiberry!

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  1. Wow……….you just ignited memories in my head!!!

    There was an elderly lady who worked there………

    Awesome Knishes too!!!!

  2. It was the knishes I went for. And the people were so very nice.

    I was told that they wanted to retire and their kids were busy with careers. Too bad they didn’t try to sell the business.

  3. I loved the hotdog place too — but I don’t remember an elderly lady who worked there. There was always a red-headed guy with male pattern baldness and a moustache whenever my parents and I went there.

  4. Wasn’t that hot dog place a full blown deli? I had pastrami sandwiches in there. The old lady there may as well have been my own bubbe.

    Wither the kosher deli. Wither indeed.

  5. Hmmm … I recall that as one of the last Jewish delis left in Brooklyn; used to buy corned beef, etc., sandwiches in addition to knishes. Did it later become just a hot dog place?

  6. I grew up a few blocks away and I remember the elderly woman used to split open a hot potato knish and then split a hot dog and place it inside the knish for me. It was the ultimate frank-in-blanket, slathered in deli mustard…delicious memories!! They were a lovely couple and it was a full-service, old school kosher deli.

  7. mmmm. Was just there. Had vanilla yogurt with honey and blueberries. It was awesome! And I’m a chocoholic!

  8. That used to be “The Deli Corner” before the few russian “Antekas” that preceded it. That was a much better deli than Jay & Lloyd”s

  9. I used to eat there (like clockwork) every Saturday afternoon about 10 years ago. Great hot dogs & knishes and Stewarts Cream Soda.


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