Fundraiser Highlight: Help Kids At A Local Title 1 School Graduate In Style

Bake sale in November outside of PS 230. (Photo via Alexandra Como Saghir‎ / Facebook)
Bake sale in November outside of PS 230. (Photo via Alexandra Como Saghir‎ / Facebook)

Looking for ways to give back to your community? Donating to a worthy cause doesn’t get more hyper-local than this.

Kensington’s P.S. 230 parents are raising money to make sure every 5th-grade student in their Title 1 school has a memorable graduation.

In the past, P.S. 230 graduates have celebrated with a trip, a yearbook, a dance, or an elaborate ceremony. For 2017 graduates, the event depends on a $120 senior dues payment from each family. But with 64 percent of students below the poverty level, many can’t afford it, according to the fundraiser.

In order to make every graduation memorable, the parent committee relies on the community’s help. So far, they’ve raised just over half of their $1,000 goal.

The GoFundMe campaign story says:

P.S. 230 has been a wellspring of blossoming friendships; first books and first essays; new talents; games of kickball and jump rope; school performances and dances; community connections; and a deep love of learning.

Parent volunteers are donating their time and effort to plan and carry out these activities. But the trip is a big ticket item that really needs your donation to help ensure every kid has a chance to join the fun.

For readers willing to donate any amount or volunteer to help the graduation efforts, check out the GoFundMe page here.

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