Fuel Energy Is Open!

Last week we wrote that we walked by Fuel Restaurant & Juice Bar at 1715 Sheepshead Bay Road and they appeared to be closed. We said we weren’t sure if it was a permanent closure, a renovation, or something else. As luck would have it, they reopened. Apparently there was a problem with a broken pipe that forced them to close for less than a week. They’re now fully reopened and operating as usual.

On a side note, we got a call from the business’s owner, Talyan Yialztz, who was none too happy about our reporting. He claimed it was inaccurate and made him lose business. If that’s true, we regret any inconvenience and remind all of our readers that unless we note confirmation from the business owner or an authority (which we usually attempt to provide), all of our information is based on simple observation.

– with additional reporting by Arthur Borko, who demands credit for everything but never gets it. Ever.