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From Awwesome To Time Lord Tech: 10 South Slope Wi-Fi Names


After a recent Wi-Fi search, we discovered that South Slope is home to some seriously fun network names. Here’s ten of our favorites from around the neighborhood:

The indecisive one:
ugh i need a name network.jpg

The show off:
Look Ma Network.jpg

The zen one:
Peace Network.jpg

The Whovian:
Time Lord Tech Network.jpg

The one you don’t want to come across on the B63:
Bus Wanker Network.jpg

The one that is only following Slope bylaws, which clearly state that all children must have their own Wi-Fi network by the the age of one.
My Babys Network.jpg

The damp one:
JulesDrools Network.jpg

The one that is obviously a fan of Parks and Recreation:
Meat Tornado.jpg

The confident one:
Awwesome Network.jpg

And finally…this one:
Creepy Jesus.jpg
What are some of your favorite neighborhood Wi-Fi names?

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  1. My favorite is one that I can see in my building that is neighborhood specific: “Slopedan Milosevic”

  2. My building always keeps me laughing! We have “Wifi so serious?” and “2 girls 1 router” and ours is “DeathStar”..clearly my boyfriend is a huge Star Wars fan.

  3. #1 reminds me of a network in my old building called “I don’t know, whatever you want.” I always imagined a new couple moving in together, just trying to get their basic WiFi set up so they could look up a pizza place to order from while they unpacked boxes, and the more tech savvy of the duo getting progressively hungrier and more annoyed with the other one’s indecisiveness over a network name until…

    But I’m just guessing. Apple Danesh was a good one in that building, too.


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