From A Sea Of Blue And Yellow, Tributes To John’s Bakery

John's bakery goodbye signs

“R.I.P. John’s Bakery,” the blue sign posted at 1322 Cortelyou Road states. “Write a letter to John’s sharing what this place means to you.”

Beneath the sign there is a wad of paper, from which neighbor after neighbor has taken a page to write down memories of a bakery that had been a part of the area for decades. From this sea of blue and yellow paper comes an outpouring of words that weave a story about what John’s has meant to so many of us, for so long.

John's Bakery goodbye signs 2

We wanted to share some of these with you, as well as some remembrances that people have emailed to us. You can share your own tribute to John’s with us by emailing, and we’ll include it here.

John's Bakery goodbye signs 5

When I was a kid in the 60s & 70s, my mom would often send me to “the bakery” for a loaf of Italian bread. From my home on East 16th Street just south of Dorchester, “the bakery” was John’s (although I guess it was Mario’s back then – I never knew the name at the time). Invariably I’d ride my bicycle, and on the way home, I’d nibble off the end of the bread sticking out at the top of the paper bag. My mom used to scold me good naturedly but it became something of a family tradition.
– Glenn E. Simpson

John's Bakery goodbye signs 3

I’m writing this because I’m more than upset about John’s Bakery closing. I’ve lived right on Beverley and Coney Island Avenue for 19 years of my life and always went to John’s Bakery every morning, from PS 139 to IS 62. Those were the good days, but I’m more concerned now what they are going to replace it with. Nowadays they’re replacing everything with stores that not everyone goes to. I believe they should put more stores that are for everyone… I used to spend most of my time on Cortelyou, and I don’t even like walking there. I feel like I don’t fit in.

John's Bakery goodbye signs 4

John’s was the best. When I moved out of the neighborhood for a couple years, I’d go back just to go to John’s, and when my family and I decided to move back to Ditmas Park, one of the first things we did, even before we unpacked, was go to John’s. What can you say? John’s will be missed.