Friday Photo Finish: Joey’s Block

The above photo, which we found on Flickr, is by Joo0ey, who writes:

This is the block where I grew up on. The same block I spent 18 years of my life waking and walking out the door from and coming home at night to sleep. I’ve walked past the fences and trampled all over the concrete grounds a hundred thousand times. I moved when I was 18 to Queens, and now that I’m living in Brooklyn again, this was the first time I actually set foot onto that block. Everything was smaller, shorter, and different. That’s to be expected I guess, times changes – things change. It was kind of amazing actually. My house was a mere few steps from my elementary school, no more than 2 minutes or so walking distance and even that school has changed. The deli one the corner has changed. The fences, doors, stoups, and neighbours have all changed as well. I guess it’s for the better. The place was not glamorous yet I found myself attached to that place. Years of memories flashed before my eyes – the times I spent running up and down the block, the hours spent sitting on the stoup watching people and cars pass by, the melted ice cream that dripped from the cone to the floor – everything was just as I remembered, albeit a bit different. Stay classy 12th ave, youi’ll (sic) always have a place in my heart.