Southern Brooklyn

Free Supplies Distribution And Medical Camp For Sandy Victims

Source: ICNA Relief USA

To help aid victims of Superstorm Sandy who are now doing battle with the brutal cold snap that is affecting our region, Masjid Omar (The Islamic Center of Brighton Beach) and ICNA Relief USA will be partnering to bring a distribution of basic necessities and free medical camp to the community, January 25 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Masjid Omar, 232 Neptune Avenue between Brighton 7th Street and Brighton 8th Street.

FEMA representatives will be on hand to provide help and information. Residents should also be aware that Monday, January 28, is the last day that they will be able to apply for federal assistance from FEMA.

ICNA Relief USA provides disaster relief and social services to underserved populations within the United States. Among the items that ICNA Relief USA and Masjid Omar will help to distribute are comforters, heaters, jeans, coats, cleaning supplies, and more.

To learn more, call (866) 354-0102 or (718) 658-7028, or visit ICNA Relief USA on the web or on Facebook.

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  1. Hopefully ese supplies will go to people who actually need them and not the greedy! When we were out of power/ gas for over 31 days I went to see if I could get candles, batteries and blankets ( had many animals taken in from storm that were left behind ) only to get to front of line and find none left..all taken by ladies in fur coats giggling about selling them off at sale table in street fairs! Really p*ssed me off. We had to spend a fortune eating out daily, take cabs when we could, busses when they finally ran and subways to go eat..spend on candles, batteries, all local storees shut down for quite a was costly! FEMA did not come close to covering what we spent. And to sit and watch these people take, take take and walk back home to their homes with power, and gas was almost more than I could stand! I pray that it does not happen today! If you are not in need stay home and let the supplies go to people who need them.


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